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Effects of sodium/calcium cation exchange on the mechanical properties of calcium silicate hydrate (C-S-H). Yaphary, YL; Lau, D; Sanchez, F; Poon, CS, CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS 2020, 243, UNSP 118283 View Abstract

Improving the stability of photosystem I-based bioelectrodes for solar energy conversion. Wolfe, KD; Dervishogullari, D; Passantino, JM; Stachurski, CD; Jennings, GK; Cliffel, DE, CURRENT OPINION IN ELECTROCHEMISTRY 2020, 19, 27-34 View Abstract

A three-dimensional interconnected polymer/ceramic composite as a thin film solid electrolyte. Palmer, MJ; Kalnaus, S; Dixit, MB; Westover, AS; Hatzell, KB; Dudney, NJ; Chen, XC, ENERGY STORAGE MATERIALS 2020, 26, 242-249 View Abstract

Carbon fiber reinforced structural lithium-ion battery composite: Multifunctional power integration for CubeSats. Moyer, K; Meng, CZ; Marshall, B; Assal, O; Eaves, J; Perez, D; Karkkainen, R; Roberson, L; Pint, CL, ENERGY STORAGE MATERIALS 2020, 24, 676-681 View Abstract

Energy efficiency of membrane distillation: Simplified analysis, heat recovery, and the use of waste-heat. Christie, KSS; Horseman, T; Lin, SH, ENVIRONMENT INTERNATIONAL 2020, 138, UNSP 105588 View Abstract

Total-Ionizing-Dose Effects on 3D Sequentially Integrated, Fully Depleted Silicon-on-Insulator MOSFETs. Toguchi, S; Zhang, EX; Gorchichko, M; Fleetwood, DM; Schrimpf, RD; Reed, RA; Moreau, S; Cheramy, S; Batude, P; Brunet, L; Andrieu, F; Alles, ML, IEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS 2020, 41, 637-640 View Abstract

Charge Transport in Vertical GaN Schottky Barrier Diodes: A Refined Physical Model for Conductive Dislocations. Chen, LL; Jin, N; Yan, DW; Cao, YR; Zhao, LN; Liang, HL; Liu, B; Zhang, EX; Gu, XF; Schrimpf, RD; Fleetwood, DM; Lu, H, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRON DEVICES 2020, 67, 841-846 View Abstract

Not All Lithium Filaments Are the Same in Solid-State Batteries. Hatzell, KB, JOULE 2020, 4, 719-721 View Abstract

Role of shell composition and morphology in achieving single-emitter photostability for green-emitting "giant" quantum dots. McBride, JR; Mishra, N; Click, SM; Orfield, NJ; Wang, F; Acharya, K; Chisholm, MF; Htoon, H; Rosenthal, SJ; Hollingsworth, JA, JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS 2020, 152, 124713 View Abstract

Long-range interactions of the ground state muonium with atoms. Yang, H; Wu, MS; Tang, LY; Bromley, MWJ; Varga, K; Yan, ZC; Zhang, JY, JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS 2020, 152, 124304 View Abstract

MoSDeF, a Python Framework Enabling Large-Scale Computational Screening of Soft Matter: Application to Chemistry-Property Relationships in Lubricating Monolayer Films. Summers, AZ; Gilmer, JB; Iacovella, CR; Cummings, PT; McCabe, C, JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL THEORY AND COMPUTATION 2020, 16, 1779-1793 View Abstract

Liquid-vapor phase equilibrium of a simple liquid confined in a random porous media: Second-order Barker-Henderson perturbation theory and scaled particle theory. Nelson, AK; Kalyuzhnyi, YV; Patsahan, T; McCabe, C, JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR LIQUIDS 2020, 300, 112348 View Abstract

Examining Tail and Headgroup Effects on Binary and Ternary Gel-Phase Lipid Bilayer Structure. Yang, A; Moore, TC; Iacovella, CR; Thompson, M; Moore, DJ; McCabe, C, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B 2020, 124, 3043-3053 View Abstract

Preface-JES Focus Issue on Heterogeneous Functional Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage. Aurbach, D; Fuller, TF; Cliffel, DE; Chiu, WKS; Di Noto, V; Gopalan, S; Liu, N; Suroviec, AH, JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY 2020, 167, 050001 View Abstract

Impact of Polyvinylidene Fluoride on Nanofiber Cathode Structure and Durability in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells. Slack, JJ; Brodt, M; Cullen, DA; Reeves, KS; More, KL; Pintauro, PN, JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY 2020, 167, 054517 View Abstract

Stationary-state Electron Scattering Using a Complex Injecting Potential. Yamaguchi, T; Uchida, K; Varga, K; Watanabe, K, JOURNAL OF THE PHYSICAL SOCIETY OF JAPAN 2020, 89, 044002 View Abstract

Uncovering cell biology in the third dimension. Robertson, GL; Romero-Morales, AI; Lippmann, ES; Gama, V, MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE CELL 2020, 31, 319-323 View Abstract

Sizable Band Gap in Epitaxial Bilayer Graphene Induced by Silicene Intercalation. Guo, H; Zhang, RZ; Li, H; Wang, XY; Lu, HL; Qian, K; Li, G; Huang, L; Lin, X; Zhang, YY; Ding, H; Du, SX; Pantelides, ST; Gao, HJ, NANO LETTERS 2020, 20, 2674-2680 View Abstract

Confined variational calculation of o-Ps-He scattering properties. Wu, MS; Zhang, JY; Gao, X; Qian, Y; Xie, HH; Varga, K; Yan, ZC; Schwingenschlog, U, PHYSICAL REVIEW A 2020, 101, 042705 View Abstract

STIFFNESS SENSING BY CELLS. Janmey, PA; Fletcher, DA; Reinhart-King, CA, PHYSIOLOGICAL REVIEWS 2020, 100, 695-724 View Abstract

Machine Learning on Drug-Specific Data to Predict Small Molecule Teratogenicity.. Challa, AP; Beam, AL; Shen, M; Peryea, T; Lavieri, RR; Goldstein, JA; Shirey-Rice, JK; Lippmann, ES; Aronoff, DM, REPRODUCTIVE SCIENCES 2020, 27, 151A-152A

Ratcheting quasi-ballistic electrons in silicon geometric diodes at room temperature. Custer, JP; Low, JD; Hill, DJ; Teitsworth, TS; Christesen, JD; McKinney, CJ; McBride, JR; Brooke, MA; Warren, SC; Cahoon, JF, SCIENCE 2020, 368, 177-+ View Abstract

Integral equation theory for a mixture of spherical and patchy colloids: analytical description. Kalyuzhnyi, YV; Nezbeda, I; Cummings, PT, SOFT MATTER 2020, 16, 3456-3465 View Abstract

Cancer Immunoimaging with Smart Nanooarticles. Ou, YC; Wen, XN; Bardhan, RZA, TRENDS IN BIOTECHNOLOGY 2020, 38, 388-403 View Abstract

Thermodynamic reversible cycles of electrochemical desalination with intercalation materials in symmetric and asymmetric configurations. Wang, RY; Lin, SH, JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE 2020, 574, 152-161 View Abstract

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