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Cancer cell metabolic plasticity in migration and metastasis. Mosier, JA; Schwager, SC; Boyajian, DA; Reinhart-King, CA, CLINICAL & EXPERIMENTAL METASTASIS , , View Abstract

Rate of change in solar insolation is a hidden variable that influences seasonal alterations in bipolar disorder COMMENT. Rosenthal, SJ; Josephs, T; Kovtun, O; McCarty, R, BRAIN AND BEHAVIOR , , e02198 View Abstract

Atomically sharp interface enabled ultrahigh-speed non-volatile memory devices. Wu, LM; Wang, AW; Shi, JA; Yan, JH; Zhou, Z; Bian, C; Ma, JJ; Ma, RS; Liu, HT; Chen, JC; Huang, Y; Zhou, W; Bao, LH; Ouyang, M; Pennycook, SJ; Pantelides, ST; Gao, HJ, NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY , , View Abstract

Van der Waals Phonon Polariton Microstructures for Configurable Infrared Electromagnetic Field Localizations. Huang, WC; Sun, FS; Zheng, ZB; Folland, TG; Chen, XX; Liao, HZ; Xu, NS; Caldwell, JD; Chen, HJ; Deng, SZ, ADVANCED SCIENCE , , 2004872 View Abstract

Emerging investigator series: toward the ultimate limit of seawater desalination with mesopelagic open reverse osmosis. Lin, SH; Veerapaneni, S, ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE-WATER RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY , , View Abstract

Optical Momentum Alignment Effect in WSe2 Phototransistor. Zhang, YC; Xu, YQ, ADVANCED OPTICAL MATERIALS , , 2002243 View Abstract

Observation of superdiffusive phonon transport in aligned atomic chains. Yang, L; Tao, Y; Zhu, YL; Akter, M; Wang, K; Pan, ZL; Zhao, Y; Zhang, Q; Xu, YQ; Chen, RK; Xu, TT; Chen, YF; Mao, ZQ; Li, DY, NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY , , View Abstract

Air-Stable Monolayer Cu2Se Exhibits a Purely Thermal Structural Phase Transition. Qian, K; Gao, L; Chen, XY; Li, H; Zhang, S; Zhang, XL; Zhu, SY; Yan, JH; Bao, DL; Cao, L; Shi, JA; Lu, JC; Liu, C; Wang, J; Qian, T; Ding, H; Gu, L; Zhou, W; Zhang, YY; Lin, X; Du, SX; Ouyang, M; Pantelides, ST; Gao, HJ, ADVANCED MATERIALS , , 1908314 View Abstract

An eta(3)-Bound Allyl Ligand on Magnesium in a Mechanochemically Generated Mg/K Allyl Complex. Koby, RF; Doerr, AM; Rightmire, NR; Schley, ND; Long, BK; Hanusa, TP, ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION , , View Abstract

Infrared Permittivity of the Biaxial van der Waals Semiconductor alpha-MoO3 from Near- and Far-Field Correlative Studies. Alvarez-Perez, G; Foland, TG; Errea, I; Taboada-Gutierrez, J; Duan, JH; Martin-Sanchez, J; Tresguerres-Mata, AIF; Matson, JR; Bylinkin, A; He, MZ; Ma, WL; Bao, QL; Martin, JI; Caldwell, JD; Nikitin, AY; Alonso-Gonzalez, P, ADVANCED MATERIALS , , 1908176 View Abstract

The Microbiome and the Gut-Liver-Brain Axis for Central Nervous System Clinical Pharmacology: Challenges in Specifying and Integrating In Vitro and In Silico Models. Hawkins, KG; Casolaro, C; Brown, JA; Edwards, DA; Wikswo, JP, CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY & THERAPEUTICS , , View Abstract

High-performance polyamide nanofiltration membrane with arch-bridge structure on a highly hydrated cellulose nanofiber support. Teng, XX; Fang, WX; Liang, YZ; Lin, SH; Lin, HZ; Liu, SS; Wang, ZY; Zhu, YZ; Jin, J, SCIENCE CHINA-MATERIALS , , View Abstract

Borasilylenes in Focus: Topological Effects of Nitrogen Atoms by DFT. Abedini, N; Kassaee, MZ; Cummings, PT, SILICON , , View Abstract

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