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Semiconductor nanocrystals: A powerful visual aid for introducing the particle in a box. Kippeny, T; Swafford, LA; Rosenthal, SJ, JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL EDUCATION 2002, 79, 1094-1100

Novel polyethylene glycol derivatives of melatonin and serotonin. Ligands for conjugation to fluorescent cadmium selenide/zinc sulfide core shell nanocrystals. Tomlinson, ID; Kippeny, T; Swafford, L; Siddiqui, NH; Rosenthal, SJ, JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL RESEARCH-S 2002, , 203-204 View Abstract

What do matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectra reveal about ionization mechanisms?. Papantonakis, MR; Kim, J; Hess, WP; Haglund, RF, JOURNAL OF MASS SPECTROMETRY 2002, 37, 639-647 View Abstract

Effects of impurities on the optical properties of poly-3-hexylthiophene thin films. Erwin, MM; McBride, J; Kadavanich, AV; Rosenthal, SJ, THIN SOLID FILMS 2002, 409, 198-205 View Abstract

Effect of ablation parameters on infrared pulsed laser deposition of poly(ethylene glycol) films. Bubb, DM; Papantonakis, MR; Toftmann, B; Horwitz, JS; McGill, RA; Chrisey, DB; Haglund, RF, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS 2002, 91, 9809-9814 View Abstract

Targeting cell surface receptors with ligand-conjugated nanocrystals. Rosenthal, SJ; Tomlinson, A; Adkins, EM; Schroeter, S; Adams, S; Swafford, L; McBride, J; Wang, YQ; DeFelice, LJ; Blakely, RD, JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 2002, 124, 4586-4594 View Abstract

Infrared laser desorption and ionization of polypeptides from a polyacrylamide gel. Baltz-Knorr, M; Ermer, DR; Schriver, KE; Haglund, RF, JOURNAL OF MASS SPECTROMETRY 2002, 37, 254-258 View Abstract

A new theory of electromagnetic, weak and strong interactions. Pantelides, ST, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MODERN PHYSICS E-NUCLEAR PHYSICS 2002, 11, 177-210 View Abstract

Vapor deposition of polystyrene thin films by intense laser vibrational excitation. Bubb, DM; Papantonakis, MR; Horwitz, JS; Haglund, RF; Toftmann, B; McGill, RA; Chrisey, DB, CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS 2002, 352, 135-139 View Abstract

Resonant infrared pulsed laser deposition of thin biodegradable polymer films. Bubb, DM; Toftmann, B; Haglund, RF; Horwitz, JS; Papantonakis, MR; McGill, RA; Wu, PW; Chrisey, DB, APPLIED PHYSICS A-MATERIALS SCIENCE & PROCESSING 2002, 74, 123-125 View Abstract

Analysis and simulation of anode heating from electron field emission. Fisher, TS; Walker, DG; Weller, RA, ITHERM 2002: EIGHTH INTERSOCIETY CONFERENCE ON THERMAL AND THERMOMECHANICAL PHENOMENA IN ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS, PROCEEDINGS 2002, , 1075-1082 View Abstract

Synthesis and characterization of PtSn/carbon and Pt3Sn/carbon nanocomposites as methanol electrooxidation catalysts. Jones, FE; Milne, SB; Gurau, B; Smotkin, ES; Stock, SR; Lukehart, CM, JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY 2002, 2, 81-87 View Abstract

Arylpentazoles revisited: Experimental and theoretical studies of 4-hydroxyphenylpentazole and 4-oxophenylpentazole anion. Benin, V; Kaszynski, P; Radziszewski, JG, JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY 2002, 67, 1354-1358 View Abstract

High-resolution spectroscopic study of matrix-isolated reactive intermediates: Vibrational assignments for 3-fluoro-o-benzyne and perfluoro-o-benzynel. Radziszewski, JG; Waluk, J; Kaszynski, P; Spanget-Larsen, J, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A 2002, 106, 6730-6737 View Abstract

Effect of denaturation by preheating on the foam fractionation behavior of ovalbumin. Du, LP; Prokop, A; Tanner, RD, JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE 2002, 248, 487-492 View Abstract

Ambident ethyl N-nitrosocarbamate anion: Experimental and computational studies of alkylation and thermal stability. Benin, V; Kaszynski, P; Radziszewski, JG, JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 2002, 124, 14115-14126 View Abstract

Spin-state alteration from sterically enforced ligand rotation in bis(indenyl)chromium(II) complexes. Brady, ED; Overby, JS; Meredith, MB; Mussman, AB; Cohn, MA; Hanusa, TP; Yee, GT; Pink, M, JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 2002, 124, 9556-9566 View Abstract

Characterization of platinum films deposited by focused ion beam-assisted chemical vapor deposition. Telari, KA; Rogers, BR; Fang, H; Shen, L; Weller, RA; Braski, DN, JOURNAL OF VACUUM SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY B 2002, 20, 590-595 View Abstract

Diamond microelectromechanical sensors for pressure and acceleration sensing. Holmes, KC; Davidson, JL; Kang, WP; Sternberg, AL, MEMS: 2001 MICROELECTROMECHANICAL SYSTEMS CONFERENCE 2002, , 45-49 View Abstract

Piezoresistive micro-electro-mechanical applications in diamond films. Holmes, KC; Davidson, JL; Kang, WP, MICROFABRICATED SYSTEMS AND MEMS VI, PROCEEDINGS 2002, 2002, 77-83 View Abstract

Carbon nanotubes for gas sensing applications. Wong, YM; Kang, WP; Davidson, JL; Wisitsora-at, A; Soh, KL, MICROFABRICATED SYSTEMS AND MEMS VI, PROCEEDINGS 2002, 2002, 32-35 View Abstract

First-principles simulations of molecular electronics. Pantelides, ST; Di Ventra, M; Lang, ND, MOLECULAR ELECTRONICS II 2002, 960, 177-183 View Abstract

Growth and morphology of pentacene films on oxide surfaces. Ruiz, R; Feldman, LC; Haglund, RF; McKee, RA; Koch, N; Nickel, BA; Pflaum, J; Scoles, G; Kahn, A, ORGANIC OPTOELECTRONIC MATERIALS, PROCESSING AND DEVICES 2002, 708, 415-421 View Abstract

High resolution low-temperature superconductivity superconducting quantum interference device microscope for imaging magnetic fields of samples at room temperature. Baudenbacher, F; Peters, NT; Wikswo, JP, REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS 2002, 73, 1247-1254 View Abstract

New developments in the cyclopentadienyl chemistry of the alkaline-earth metals. Hanusa, TP, ORGANOMETALLICS 2002, 21, UNSP OM020168O View Abstract

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