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Leaching of inorganic contaminants from cement-based waste materials as a result of carbonation during intermittent wetting. Sanchez, F; Gervais, C; Garrabrants, AC; Barna, R; Kosson, DS, WASTE MANAGEMENT 2002, 22, 249-260 View Abstract

Monoclonal antibody recognition of histidine-rich peptide encapsulated nanoclusters. Slocik, JM; Moore, JT; Wright, DW, NANO LETTERS 2002, 2, 169-173 View Abstract

The effect of storage in an inert atmosphere on the release of inorganic constituents during intermittent wetting of a cement-based material. Garrabrants, AC; Sanchez, F; Gervais, C; Moszkowicz, P; Kosson, DS, JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS 2002, 91, 159-185 View Abstract

Preparation of graphitic carbon nanofibers with the use of water-soluble supports. Steigerwalt, ES; Lukehart, CM, JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY 2002, 2, 25-28 View Abstract

Synthesis and characterization of PtSn/carbon and Pt3Sn/carbon nanocomposites as methanol electrooxidation catalysts. Jones, FE; Milne, SB; Gurau, B; Smotkin, ES; Stock, SR; Lukehart, CM, JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY 2002, 2, 81-87 View Abstract

Reliability degradation of ultra-thin oxynitride and Al2O3 gate dielectric films owing to heavy-ion irradiation. Choi, BK; Fleetwood, DM; Massengill, LW; Schrimpf, RD; Galloway, KF; Shaneyfelt, MR; Meisenheimer, TL; Dodd, PE; Schwank, JR; Lee, YM; Johnson, RS; Lucovsky, G, ELECTRONICS LETTERS 2002, 38, 157-158 View Abstract

Current-induced forces in molecular wires. Di Ventra, M; Pantelides, ST; Lang, ND, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2002, 88, 046801 View Abstract

Energy Response of an Imaging Plate Exposed to Standard Beta Sources. Gonzalez, AL; Li, H; Mitch, M; Tolk, N; Duggan, DM, APPLIED RADIATION AND ISOTOPES 2002, 57, 875-882 View Abstract

Femtosecond optical studies of cuprates. Schneider, ML; Demsar, J; Glinka, YD; Klimov, A; Krapf, A; Rast, S; Ren, YH; Si, W; Xu, Y; Zeng, XH; Bozovic, I; Lupke, G; Manzke, R; Sobolewski, R; Taylor, AJ; Tolk, NH; Xi, XX; Joynt, R; Onellion, M, SUPERCONDUCTING AND RELATED OXIDES: PHYSICS AND NANOENGINEERING ed. by I. Bozovic and D. Pavuna, Proc. SPIE vol. 4811 2002, ,

Reactions and diffusion of water and oxygen molecules in amorphous SiO2. Bakos, T; Rashkeev, SN; Pantelides, ST, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2002, 88, 055508 View Abstract

Pt-Ru/carbon fiber nanocomposites: Synthesis, characterization, and performance as anode catalysts of direct methanol fuel cells. A search for exceptional performance. Steigerwalt, ES; Deluga, GA; Lukehart, CM, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B 2002, 106, 760-766 View Abstract

Hexagonally shaped Bi-Te nanocrystals and Bi or Bi-Te/ceramic nanocomposites of high metal loading from mixed-metal oxide precursors. Moore, JT; Lukehart, CM, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY 2002, 12, 288-290 View Abstract

Detection of trap activation by ionizing radiation in SiO2 by spatially localized cathodoluminescence spectroscopy

. White, BD; Brillson, LJ; Bataiev, M; Brillson, LJ; Fleetwood, DM; Schrimpf, RD; Choi, BK, Pantelides, ST, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS 2002, 92, 5729-5734 View Abstract

Unified model of hole trapping, 1/f noise, and thermally stimulated current in MOS devices. Fleetwood, DM; Xiong, HD; Lu, ZY; Nicklaw, CJ; Felix, JA; Schrimpf, RD; Pantelides, ST, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE 2002, 49, 2674-2683 View Abstract

The strcuture, properties, and dynamics of oxygen vacancies in amorphous SiO2. Nicklaw, CJ; Lu, ZY; Fleetwood, DM; Schrimpf, RD; Pantelides, ST, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE 2002, 49, 2667-2673 View Abstract

Metabolic replacement of kidney function in uremic animals with a bioartificial kidney containing human cells. Humes, HD; Fissell, WH; Weitzel, WF; Buffington, DA; Westover, AJ; MacKay, SM; Gutierrez, JM, AMERICAN JOURNAL OF KIDNEY DISEASES 2002, 39, 1078-1087 View Abstract

Effect of amplifier parameters on single-event transients in an inverting operational amplifier. Sternberg, AL; Massengill, LW; Schrimpf, RD; Boulghassoul, Y; Barnaby, HJ; Buchner, S; Pease, RL; Howard, JW, 2001 6TH EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON RADIATION AND ITS EFFECTS ON COMPONENTS AND SYSTEMS 2002, , 398-404 View Abstract

Immunoreactivity and characterization of histidine-rich peptide encapsulated nanoclusters. Slocik, JM; Moore, JT; Wright, DW, ADVANCED BIOMATERIALS-CHARACTERIZATION, TISSUE ENGINEERING AND COMPLEXITY 2002, 711, 339-344 View Abstract

Energy response of an imaging plate exposed to standard beta sources. Gonzalez, AL; Li, H; Mitch, M; Tolk, N; Duggan, DM, APPLIED RADIATION AND ISOTOPES 2002, 57, PII S0969-8043(02)00 View Abstract

Investigations of electronic interactions between closo-boranes and triple-bonded substituents. Kaszynski, P; Pakhomov, S; Young, VG, COLLECTION OF CZECHOSLOVAK CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 2002, 67, 1061-1083 View Abstract

Effect of perfluorocarbon compounds on bone ablation using the free-electron laser. Ivanov, B; Hakimian, AM; Peavy, GM; Haglund, RF, COMMERCIAL AND BIOMEDICAL APPLICATIONS OF ULTRAFAST AND FREE-ELECTRON LASERS 2002, 4633, 172-183 View Abstract

A synthesis of 6-(2,5-dimethoxy-4-(2-aminopropyl)phenyl)-hexylthiol. A ligand for conjugation with fluorescent cadmium selenide/zinc sulfide core/shell nanocrystals and biological imaging.. Tomlinson, ID; Grey, JL; Rosenthal, SJ, MOLECULES 2002, 7, 777-790 View Abstract

Infrared laser ablation and ionization of water clusters and biomolecules from ice. Baltz-Knorr, ML; Schriver, KE; Haglund, RF, APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE 2002, 197, 11-16 View Abstract

Picosecond infrared matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry of organic molecules on sodium nitrate crystallites. Papantonakis, MR; Ermer, DR; Haglund, RF, APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE 2002, 197, 213-216 View Abstract

Four-wave-mixing phenomena associated with 700-fs-pumped potassium vapor. Garrett, WR; Haglund, RF; Ermer, DR; Deng, L; Payne, MG, LASER PHYSICS 2002, 12, 1155-1160 View Abstract

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