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John T. Wilson

Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering


In the Wilson group we work at the interface of engineering and immunology to improve human health. We bring together expertise in colloid and surface engineering, polymer science, nanotechnology and drug delivery to develop innovative molecularly engineered materials for modulating immune responses. We are currently developing synthetic nanovaccine platforms, injectable biomaterials for cancer immunotherapy, and delivery systems for immunomodulatory nucleic acid therapeutics.


Cancer Research Institute – Irvington Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship
NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (declined)
“Young Voices” Podium Presentation at Drug Carriers in Medicine & Biology GRC
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Honorable Mention
Whitaker Foundation Graduate Fellowship in Biomedical Engineering
Medtronic Scholar Graduate Fellowship

Selected Publications:

Enhancement of MHC-I Antigen Presentation via Architectural Control of pH-Responsive, Endosomolytic Polymer Nanoparticles. Wilson, JT; Postma, A; Keller, S; Convertine AJ; Graeme, M; Rizzardo, E; Meagher, L; Chiefari, J; Stayton, PS, AAPS JOURNAL, , , (2014) View Abstract

pH-Responsive Nanoparticle Vaccines for Dual-Delivery of Antigens and Immunostimulatory Oligonucleotides. Wilson, JT; Keller, S; Manganiello, MJ; Cheng, C; Lee, CC; Opara, C; Convertine; Stayton, PS, ACS NANO, 7, 3912-3925 , (2013) View Abstract

Cell Surface Engineering with Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Thin Films. Wilson, JT; Wanxing, C; Veronika, K; Kharlampieva, E; Pan, D; Qu, Z; Krishnamurthy, VR; Mets, J; Kumar, V; Wen, J; Yuhua, S; Tsukruk, VV; Chaikof, EL, JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 133, 7054-7064 , (2011) View Abstract

Noncovalent cell surface engineering with cationic graft copolymers. Wilson, JT; Krishnamurthy, VR; Cui, W; Qu, Z; Chaikof, EL, JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 131, 2845 , (2010) View Abstract

Layer-by-layer assembly of a conformal nanothin PEG coating for intraportal islet transplantation. Wilson, JT; Cui, W; Chaikof, EL, NANO LETTERS, 9, 1940-1948 , (2008) View Abstract