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Cary L. Pint

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering


  • Energy storage materials and devices, primarily metal-ion batteries, metal-sulfur batteries, and metal-air batteries
  • Sustainable processing of carbon dioxide and waste materials into functional materials and systems
  • Integration of energy storage into multifunctional platforms, such as onto solar cells or into structural materials
  • Low-energy processing routes for water purification and water desalination


Top 20 under 40; American Society of Engineering Education, 2014
Kavli Frontiers Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, 2013
Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award, 2013
Forbes Magazine, “Top 30 under 30" in Science and Innovation, 2012
Intel Corporation, “High Five” patent award, 2012
American Vacuum Society Dorothy M. and Earl S. Hoffman Award, 2011
American Institute of Chemical Engineers STS section Best Applied Paper Award, 2009
Society of Physics Students Outstanding Research Award, 2006
Vanderbilt Prize for Undergraduate Research in Physics (runner-up), 2006
American Physical Society LeRoy Apker Award (runner-up), 2005

Selected Publications:

Interface strain in vertically stacked two-dimensional heterostructured carbon-MoS2 nanosheets controls electrochemical reactivity. Oakes, L; Carter, R; Hanken, T; Cohn, AP; Share, K; Schmidt, B; Pint, CL, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 7, 11796 , (2016) View Abstract

Particulate-free porous silicon networks for efficient capacitive deionization water desalination. Metke, T; Westover, AS; Carter, R; Oakes, L; Douglas, A; Pint, CL, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 6, 24680 , (2016) View Abstract

Strain Engineering to Modify the Electrochemistry of Energy Storage Electrodes. Muralidharan, N; Carter, R; Oakes, L; Cohn, AP; Pint, CL, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 6, 27542 , (2016) View Abstract

Ultrafast Solvent-Assisted Sodium Ion Intercalation into Highly Crystalline Few-Layered Graphene. Cohn, AP; Share, K; Carter, R; Oakes, L; Pint, CL, NANO LETTERS, 16, 543-548 , (2016) View Abstract

Ultrafast triggered transient energy storage by atomic layer deposition into porous silicon for integrated transient electronics. Douglas, A; Muralidharan, N; Carter, R; Share, K; Pint, CL, NANOSCALE, 8, 7384-7390 , (2016) View Abstract