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Anita A. Disney

Assistant Professor of Psychology


The Disney lab develops biosensors for use in making in vivo recordings in the mammalian brain during behavior. We use these sensors in the context of carefully designed behavioral tasks, and supported by anatomical data, to study the roles that neuromodulatory molecules play in cognition. In particular we are interested in the roles that acetylcholine and noradrenaline play in attention, decision-making, learning, and memory.


NIMH Pathway to Independence Award, 2011 (K99 phase) & 2014 (R00 phase)
NEI Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2010
Margaret and Herman Sokol Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2005
Dean’s Dissertation Award, 2005
Goldsmith Fellowship in Neural Science, New York University, 2000 & 2001
University Medal, Australian National University, 1999

Selected Publications:

A multi-site array for combined local electrochemistry and electrophysiology in the non-human primate brain. Disney, AA; McKinney, C; Grissom, L; Lu, XK; Reynolds, JH, JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE METHODS, 255, 29-37 , (2015) View Abstract

Expression of m1-type muscarinic acetylcholine receptors by parvalbumin-immunoreactive neurons in the primary visual cortex: a comparative study of rat, guinea pig, ferret, macaque, and human. Disney, AA; Reynolds, JH, JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE NEUROLOGY, 522, 986-1003 , (2014) View Abstract

Cholinergic suppression of visual responses in primate V1 is mediated by GABAergic inhibition. Cholinergic suppression of visual responses in primate V1 is mediated by GABAergic inhibition, JOURNAL OF NEUROPHYSIOLOGY, 108, 1907-1923 , (2012) View Abstract

Gain modulation by nicotine in macaque v1. Disney, AA; Aoki, C; Hawken, MJ, NEURON, 56, 701-713 , (2007) View Abstract

Differential expression of muscarinic acetylcholine receptors across excitatory and inhibitory cells in visual cortical areas V1 and V2 of the macaque monkey. Disney, AA; Domakonda, KV; Aoki, C, JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE NEUROLOGY, 499, 49-63 , (2006) View Abstract