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Tennessee COVID-19 Response

Visualization of COVID-19 Spread and Response Across Tennessee

Directors:   Natalie Robbins & Steven Wernke, Arts & Science


As the Novel Coronavirus continues to spread across the United States, VIIGR has undertaken a project to disseminate up-to-date spatial information about the spread of the virus in Tennessee.

Visualizing Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

Research Goal: Show the spatial distribution of COVID-19 cases across Tennessee and track the spread of the virus. Along with visualizing the spread of the virus itself, the map also incorporates data layers that act as metrics for understanding the impact of the virus on counties across the state. Some of these metrics include percentage of population uninsured, percentage of population enrolled in Medicare, and percentage of households enrolled in SNAP, also known as food stamps.

Methods: We are utilizing an ArcGIS Online Dashboard to visually track the spread of the virus and communicate information. The data is updated based on TN Department of Health numbers, which are released every afternoon at 2 pm.

Disseminating COVID-19 Geospatial Data

Research Goal: Serve out geospatial data on the distribution of cases across the state as well as time series data, with the hope of eliminating redundant datasets.

Methods: A GIS dataset on Confirmed Tennessee COVID-19 Cases and a Time-Series Hosted Table  are being served out as REST API Services, and are linked within the ArcGIS Dashboard and on the ArcGIS Hub Site.