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Parsing the Pandemic

Parsing the Pandemic: Finding Solutions to COVID-19


Directors: David Wright, Jennifer Trueblood,& William Caferro, Arts & Sciences


When COVID-19 was first widely identified in early 2020, faculty from Vanderbilt’s College of Arts and Science quickly applied innovative thinking to research the virus, with the goal of helping to slow or halt its spread. Along with colleagues across and outside of Vanderbilt, they set out to understand and address different aspects of COVID and its impact on individuals and communities. They launched a series of individual research projects, all of which are contributing to finding solutions to this global pandemic. Among many other projects, the researchers are exploring how to predict the spread of COVID, how the virus disproportionately affects marginalized communities, how governments can balance health and safety with economic security, and how factors such as biology and political affiliation affect people’s views on the outbreak.

Performing Collaborative Research

VIIGR serves as a geospatial consultant for Parsing the Pandemic research projects, as well as managing the Tennessee COVID-19 Data Portal.

Designing a Site to Showcase Research

While also performing collaborative research with other Parsing the Pandemic researchers, VIIGR was responsible for the build out of the Parsing the Pandemic research website. The site was built using ArcGIS Hub, and will evolve as more projects and researchers are added to the consortium.