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VIIGR coordinates diverse geospatial research efforts across Vanderbilt’s campus, enhances Vanderbilt’s geospatial computational facilities, and catalyzes transdisciplinary geospatial projects that immerse our students in impactful research.

Nearly all disciplines and dimensions of society have geospatial dimensions. Geospatial modeling and analysis are fundamental to diverse fields of research, from the humanistic study of past peoples and places through modern voting patterns; from the monitoring of ecological and climatological systems to the spread of infectious disease; from the optimization of the health care delivery to the design of cities. Vanderbilt’s faculty and students are working together to harness these tools and address today’s challenges through innovative geospatial research projects. VIIGR sets a foundation for enabling these interdisciplinary research efforts.

VIIGR is taking an active role in monitoring the spread of COVID-19 across Tennessee. Visit our ArcGIS Hub Site for more information.