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SyBBURE - Professional Development

The Systems Biology and Bioengineering Undergraduate Research Experience (SyBBURE) was established as a promising solution to a nationally recognized need for more experiential learning outside the classroom. Through SyBBURE, undergraduate students engage in long-term, authentic research projects driven by important scientific questions for which no one knows the answer.

We seek to help students develop professionally in the context of their own projects by requiring research presentations (oral presentations, poster presentations and written documents). Students whose research has reached maturity are encouraged to travel to scientific meetings, such as those of the Biomedical Engineering Society, q-bio, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. In this way, the students learn for themselves how best to dress, network and communicate their results and their career ambitions to the greater scientific community.

We also recognize the important role of publications in professional development and seek appropriate outlets for publishing the research results of undergraduates. SyBBURE students routinely co-author articles for peer-reviewed journals and are among the co-inventors listed on patents and patent applications.

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