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VIIBRE - Christina C. Marasco



Deputy Director, VIIBRE (Education and Professional Development)

Director, SyBBURE (Systems Biology and Bioengineering Undergraduate Research Experience) and VIIBRE Faculty Fellow

Assistant Professor of the Practice of Biomedical Engineering




Christina (Chrissy) Marasco obtained her bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Biochemistry from Valparaiso University and her Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Vanderbilt University, working within VIIBRE, where her research entailed developing advanced instrumentation platforms for complex studies in systems biology. She has spent five years developing programs for undergraduate and medical student research training and education. She has mentored students performing research in areas such as: immunology, addiction, toxicology, cell signaling, microfluidic technology, computational fluid dynamics, frequency domain chemistry and metabolomics. She has served as the Assistant Director of the Office of Medical Student Research at Vanderbilt University, leading efforts to build and implement a curricular research experience for medical students. She has returned to VIIBRE to direct the Systems Biology and Bioengineering Undergraduate Research Experience (SyBBURE Searle,, which is funded by Vanderbilt alumnus Gideon Searle. Dr. Marasco’s interests surround advancing science, medicine, and technology by promoting ground-breaking research, transferrable discoveries, enhanced collaborations, improved scientific communication, and effective education of students, the general public and policy-makers.