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High Content Screening (ABC)

VIIBRe's Opera HTS/HCS Confocal Screening Microscope

The Opera QEHS is available to all Vanderbilt researchers through C.O.R.E.S.!

Please visit our Automated Biosystems Core website
to find out more.

PerkinElmer Opera QEHS 2.0

Highly fexlible, fully automated and fastest HCS/HTS confocal microscope at Vanderbilt.

    • Objectives: 10x Air (NA 0.4, WD 3.1mm, conf.depth 6 microns), 20x Air (NA 0.45, WD 6.9mm, conf.depth 6um, w/corr.collar), 40x Air (NA 2.7, WD 2.7mm, conf. depth 2.7um, w/corr.collar), 20x Water Immersion (NA 0.7, WD 0.6mm, conf. depth 2um), 40x Water Immersion (NA 0.9, WD 0.16mm, conf. depth 1.2um)
    • 4 laser excitation sources (405, 488, 561, 640nm), tunable UV/Vis (350-410nm), TLED (brightfield)
    • Wide range of fluorescent emission filter combinations (450/50, 520/35, 540/75, 565/40, 585/40, 600/40, 690/50)
    • 3 Peltier cooled high-res CCD cameras (1.3 MP, 12-bit), 1 non-confocal CCD camera (for UV/Vis)
    • Motorized stage, z-focus drive, water immersion
    • Accepts 96, 384, 1536-well plates, microscope slides, and custom microfluidics
    • Efficient and detailed high-volume image analysis capabilities using PerkinElmer Columbus or Volocity 3D software


Fibroblasts stained with rhodamine phalloidin & sytox green (Davidson Lab)
Confocal Z-Stack of FITC-stained Fiber Mats (Hak-Joon Sung Lab)