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Automated Microscopy

VIIBRE's Zeiss Inverted Widefield Scope

Zeiss Axiovert 200M

Inverted wide-field fluorescence microscope equipped with a temperature controlled CO2 incubation system for live cell time-lapse experiments.

    • Objectives: 1.25x EC Plan NEOFLUAR (NA 0.03, WD 4.0mm, 0.17mm coverglass), 10x CP-"Achromat" (NA 0.25, WD 5.1mm, 0.17mm coverglass), 20x LD A-Plan (NA 0.3, WD 4.2mm, 0-2mm coverglass), 20x LD-ACHROPLAN (NA 0.4, WD 10.2mm, 0-1.5mm coverglass w/corr.collar), 40x LD-ACHROPLAN (NA 0.6, WD 2.5mm, 0-2mm coverglass w/corr.collar), 63x Oil Plan APOCHROMAT (NA 1.4, WD 0.19mm, 0.17mm coverglass, oil immersion) 
    • Brightfield, Phase I/II/III, DIC II/III
    • Fluorescent Filters: FITC, DAPI, Texas Red, Rhodamine
    • Photometrics CoolSNAP HQ  12-bit CCD camera
    • Motorized XY-stage, objective turret, shutters
    • Metamorph software


VIIBRE's Nikon Inverted Widefield Microscope

Nikon Eclipse Ti-E

Fully motorized inverted wide-field fluorescence microscope.

    • Objectives: 10x CFI Plan Fluor DL (NA 0.3, WD 16mm), 20x CFI Super Plan Fluor ELWD (NA 0.45, WD 8.2mm), 40x CFI Super Plan Fluor ELWD (NA 0.6, WD 3.6mm)
    • Brightfield, Phase I/II, DIC
    • Fluorescent Filters: FITC, DAPI, Texas Red
    • Photometrics CoolSNAP-HQ2 14-bit CCD camera
    • Motorized XYZ-stage (w/encoder), nosepiece, objective turret, shutters, fluorescence filters, condenser turret
    • Integrated Perfect Focus System (PFS)
    • Nikon NIS-Elements software (incl. 6D imaging module)