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VIIBRE Lab Access

Access to VIIBRE Labs

To improve lab safety and help manage resources, VIIBRE requires that all lab users follow the steps outlined below to gain access to labs.   Safety and following safety protocols must be kept mind at all times, and resources must be managed in such a way that every project has the ability to utilize resources without interfering with the research of other projects .

Before working in some VIIBRE labs, specific training is required.

Electronics Shop

Required steps to gain access and work in VIIBRE labs


Fill out a lab user form – (On the right side bar, submit a request for access to the form on VIIBRE’s SharePoint site.)


Take assigned safety training, and upload completion certificates to VIIBRE’s SharePoint site. (Instructions will be sent immediately after you fill out your lab user form.)


Fill out and send a New Protocol form (if applicable)** to Ron Reiserer  ( ).

**This step is not required when using protocols already in place.


Take training in the lab(s) you will be using (if required).

- For work in VIIBRE Microfabrication Core labs, email the Core manager
- For training in all other labs contact Ron Reiserer


Have the person who trained you email Ron Reiserer  ( ) with the details of your training.

Once these steps have been completed and access has been granted, contact Don Berry and schedule a time to have your ID card scanned into our lock system.

For work in VIIBRE Microfab Core labs, email the Core manager for instructions for setting up and use of a Vanderbilt Core account. For additional information, see the Microfab Core new user page. 

For work in Core labs, the Core scheduling system is used. For all other labs, you are required to schedule time using the VIIBRE scheduling system. A username and password will be emailed to you after access is granted. 

Before conducting any research in VIIBRE labs, please review important safety information at 

Cell Culture Lab 1

- If you ever have a question about anything, just ask. -