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VIDL Studio at Warren College

The Vanderbilt Institute for Digital Learning is proud to offer to the VU community a self-service video studio. The studio is designed so that someone, alone or with a colleague, can produce a high-quality video with a custom background in one visit without the intervention of others.

Who can use the studio

The studio is only available to faculty, staff, and students of Vanderbilt University/VUMC who become members. Membership requires attendance of a training session before any recording sessions can be scheduled. The studio can only be used to produce videos intended for an educational purpose.

  The hourly fee of $37.46 is waived unless the videos are grant-based project or a VUMC project.

  For inquiries or an estimate of charges, contact us at

Training sessions

We’ll offer standing training sessions every other week on Wednesday afternoons from 1-2pm. We can also schedule a custom time for groups of 5 - 10 persons.  By policy, we will not schedule any recording sessions until training has been completed. 

To reserve a spot in one of our training sessions or for inquiries, contact us at

Office hours

In addition to training sessions, VIDL offers bi-weekly “office hours,” during which a VIDL staff person will be available in the studio to answer questions, demonstrate specific features in detail, or help someone create a short video, subject to demand. Note that attendance at office hours will not constitute a studio training session.

Recording types

The studio space is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of formats. Initial training sessions will demonstrate how to make videos of a speaker in front of a custom background, with or without a Powerpoint presentation, or a screen capture with voice over.