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Learn the tools and techniques of filming mobile!

In this workshop, we’ll be going over the basics of filming with your mobile phone.

Through use of the VIDLstudio and the gear2o program’s Mobile Phone Kit, you can enhance your productions tremendously!

We are hosting 3 sessions during the day.

Use the scheduler below to register! This workshop is open to all Vanderbilt faculty, staff, and students. 

Located in The Wond’ry Room 104

  • Session 1 – 10am – 11:30am

  • Session 2 – 1pm – 2:30pm

  • Session 3 – 3pm – 4:30pm






After every workshop, the content gets transformed into a course!

  • This is a course on audio production for voice over, podcasting, and other audio-only productions.  In this course, we focus on selecting the proper equipment and preparing your space for recording.