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Course Selection

One mechanism for selection of courses for COURSERA is through vetting by a VIDL-convened faculty committee of applications. As with proposals to VIDL’s faculty innovation program, proposed COURSERA courses are evaluated along criteria that include:

  1. identified benefits of the online course for on-campus education and students;
  2. identified research opportunities stemming from the online course;
  3. identified benefits of the online course to region, nation, and/or world;
  4. identified relationships of the online course to other Vanderbilt stakeholders, including alums, online programs, …
  5. faculty commitment and availability for production of the online course, evidenced by letters of support (for example), from chairs and deans (for regular course release and/or other support), industry, etc

These are all factors to be considered in selecting Coursera courses and their faculty instructors, but proposals will vary in their strengths along each. VIDL can also advise faculty on mechanisms and platforms other than Coursera for the creation of massive open online courses.