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Campus Partners

VIDL works with and reports to the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education and Digital Learning, and interfaces with many other units on campus.

  • VIDL looks to Vanderbilt's Center for Teaching (CfT) for expertise in instructional design and resource planning for online and blended learning formats. The CfT has guided online and other technology-enhanced teaching and learning, including support of Vanderbilt's MOOCs through COURSERA before VIDL's founding. Very useful information by CfT on COURSERA course planning and development, and online learning generally, is being leveraged by VIDL.
  • VIDL and Vanderbilt University Information Technology (VUIT) share a common interest in technology for education and research. VIDL looks to VUIT for secure and accessible storage of digital, multimedia material; and for production support of digital learning content, to include streaming video, and mobile content and applications. VUIT staff have been instrumental in the development of much online learning content prior to VIDL's founding, and continue to be important campus partners on all technology issues.
  • The Vanderbilt Library provides expertise on matters of copyright, intellectual property, and learning management systems. In addition, VIDL expects to work with the Library and other partners on appropriate archiving of online learning material; research objects, including data, stemming from this material; and technology-enabled information resources that are used across the campus for education and research.
  • VIDL has a commitment to the betterment of community through digital learning, and therefore intersects significantly with the missions of other offices on campus, such as the Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center and the Vanderbilt Center for Nashville Studies.

In additional, VIDL works regularly with Vanderbilt News, Public Affairs, all of the schools of the University, and many others.