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If you're looking for information on the VIDLStudio, visit our studio website here.


The Vanderbilt Institute for Digital Learning (VIDL) is charged by the Chancellor and the Provost to

  • facilitate means by which on-campus education and learning are enhanced through online and other digital technology;
  • promote research at Vanderbilt on digitally-enhanced education and learning;
  • encourage and oversee world and local community service by Vanderbilt that involve digital learning, to include production and management of Vanderbilt’s massive, open, online courses (MOOCs); and
  • promotes sharing of resources (knowledge, human, infrastructure, best practices) on digital learning, to include an advisory role in online degree programs.

These mission areas of education, research, outreach, and in-reach are synergistic and mutually reinforcing. Vanderbilt’s

  • research informs its educational practices and the practices of others around the world;
  • our educational activities for our on-campus and online students are extended to benefit people in our local, regional, national, and world communities; and
  • those who participate in Vanderbilt outreach, like MOOCs, bring meaningful dialog to our campus that can be studied by our researchers, that improve our courses, and that contextualize the education of our enrolled students.

VIDL grows from Vanderbilt’s commitment to understand the changes that are coming to higher education because of a larger digital revolution, to anticipate the revolution as best we can, to design for change for the benefit of our students and other community members, as well as opening new areas of research, in education and in enabling technologies.

VIDL will begin a faculty innovation seed-funding program to support the development of digital learning content and tools by faculty members. VIDL will supply letters of support for broader impacts plans of selected proposals to Federal agencies and foundations. VIDL will lead, and otherwise be involved in, other activities as well, some of which are not yet even on our radar yet, and for all this we need knowledge and wisdom from around campus.

To facilitate all of these activities in education, research, and outreach, and to promote a community spirit of resource sharing across our campus, VIDL is a central repository of knowledge about online learning that is occurring here and around the world.