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With his tall stature, impeccable business attire, clean-shaven face and wizardly bald head, Professor George Cook might intimidate the unfamiliar student. However, as generations of fortunate students have discovered, interaction with Dean Cook is unforgettable.

Unforgettable – K. Arthur Overholser

In retrospect, I realize that the transport phenomena class I took from Dr. Overholser in my junior year truly rekindled my interest in chemical engineering. …

Unforgettable – Frank Parker

After 43 years, Frank Parker is cleaning out his office and moving on to new adventures.

Unforgettable — Peter G. Hoadley

I grew up surrounded by engineers. My father and one uncle were civil engineers. Another uncle was a mining engineer, and another was a road builder. It wasn’t much of a surprise in 1959 when I enrolled as an engineering student at Vanderbilt.

Unforgettable – Karl B. Schnelle Jr.

The idea of asking for help never occurred to me. But fortunately, Professor Karl Schnelle has always had a way of ignoring walls like that and helping students get past them, too.

Unforgettable – Robert E. Stammer Jr.

In the winter of 1993, I was rescued by a small-statured, big-hearted, full-of-energy academic dean by the name of Bob Stammer.