fall 2009

Fall 2009Giving

The Fred J. Lewis Society

The Lewis Society plays an integral role in the success of the Vanderbilt University School of Engineering. The financial support of alumni, parents and friends helps deserving students receive an exemplary engineering education as well as a wonderful overall academic experience at Vanderbilt.

Fall 2009Impact

Former Exxon Leader and Chair Holder Have Engineering Chemistry

For 38 years, H. Eugene McBrayer, BE’54, made his career with the company that became ExxonMobil Corp., Fortune 500’s No. 1 largest American corporation in 2009.

Fall 2009On Campus

Undergraduate’s Summer Research is Now in 3-D

While many undergraduate students went home for the summer to work various jobs or take a break from studying, David Gostin stayed at Vanderbilt, doing research in a lab on the top floor in Olin Hall.

Fall 2009Unforgettable

Unforgettable – Robert E. Stammer Jr.

In the winter of 1993, I was rescued by a small-statured, big-hearted, full-of-energy academic dean by the name of Bob Stammer.

Fall 2009In the Field

Alumnus Maps the World (and Beyond) With Google Earth

Today the world stretches before everyone, thanks to Google Earth and Chikai Ohazama, the former biomedical engineering major who helped develop it.

Did You Know?Fall 2009

VUSE by the Numbers

As part of a major research university, the Vanderbilt School of Engineering has a dual focus on advancing knowledge and educating the next generation of engineers.

Fall 2009Honors and Awards

honors and awards

Peter T. Cummings, Dean Kenneth F. Galloway, Aniruddha S. Gokhale, Sanjiv Gokhale, Michael Goldfarb, George M. Hornberger, E. Duco Jansen, David S. Kosson, Sankaran Mahadevan, Clare M. McCabe, Ronald D. Schrimpf . . .