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Status Report

First-rate faculty. Talented students. Innovative research. Professionalism. All are hallmarks of the Vanderbilt School of Engineering under the leadership of Dean Kenneth F. Galloway. As he prepares to return to teaching and research—and continues his role as a national leader in engineering education—Galloway sat down with Vanderbilt Engineering magazine to reflect on the School of Engineering’s past and look to the future.

It’s His Metabolism

Does the key to cancer and diabetes lie in cell metabolism? Jamey Young is determined to find out.

Leading Light

Disease can’t hide when Anita Mahadevan-Jansen applies light. The Orrin H. Ingram Professor of Engineering develops pioneering techniques in medical photonics, the use of light to diagnose, monitor and treat disease.

On the Front Lines of the Cold War

The threat of nuclear war with the Soviet Union and the fear of communism permeated America after WWII. Schoolchildren practiced bomb drills and families built shelters. With the nuclear arms race running full steam ahead, a Vanderbilt engineer helped make the Pershing missile key to U.S. defense.

100+ Years and Continuing

It all started with a young man from Adair, Ky. over 100 years ago. For almost as long as the School of Engineering has been in existence, the lives of the Flowers family have entwined with that of VUSE.

Decades of ’Dores

To celebrate our 125th year, we asked one alumnus from every decade since 1930 to tell us their Vanderbilt story: how they got here, what they studied, what college life was like. We also asked a current student to do the same as a representative of the 2010s.

The Academy Welcomes

Members of the Fred J. Lewis Society and alumni returning to campus for Reunion Weekend watched as three outstanding alumni joined the ranks of the School of Engineering’s Academy of Distinguished Alumni. Robert G. Anderson, BE’65, John D. Gass, BE’74, and Thomas R. Walters, BE’76, were nominated and selected for induction based on their career achievements, service and character.


With his tall stature, impeccable business attire, clean-shaven face and wizardly bald head, Professor George Cook might intimidate the unfamiliar student. However, as generations of fortunate students have discovered, interaction with Dean Cook is unforgettable.

On the Cover – Spring 2012

Commemorating 125 years of insight, innovation and impact at the Vanderbilt University School of Engineering. Art by Anderson Design Group, Inc./Spirit of Nashville. Illustration by Andy Gregg.

Truth in Numbers

Rankings. Most of us love to hate them. As academics, we struggle with whether they are an accurate indicator of real quality or just advertising.