In the Field

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On the Front Lines of the Cold War

The threat of nuclear war with the Soviet Union and the fear of communism permeated America after WWII. Schoolchildren practiced bomb drills and families built shelters. With the nuclear arms race running full steam ahead, a Vanderbilt engineer helped make the Pershing missile key to U.S. defense.

Lessons Learned

As a student, Cam Chalmers, BS’98, created an online study tool that he tried to turn in as an engineering class project. The instructor rejected it. So Chalmers turned it into a multi-million dollar company.

Giant Talent

NFL pro Jonathan Goff, BE’07, makes connections between engineering concepts and offensive lines.

Quest for Knowledge Spurs Nanotechnology Entrepreneur Karen Buechler

Curiosity led Karen Raska Buechler, BE’94, to Vanderbilt University School of Engineering for a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and on to graduate school in Colorado for her master’s and doctorate.

Alumnus Maps the World (and Beyond) With Google Earth

Today the world stretches before everyone, thanks to Google Earth and Chikai Ohazama, the former biomedical engineering major who helped develop it.