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Truth in Numbers

May. 22, 2012—Rankings. Most of us love to hate them. As academics, we struggle with whether they are an accurate indicator of real quality or just advertising.

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Our Engineering Education Past . . . and Future

Oct. 13, 2011—This issue of Vanderbilt Engineering marks the beginning of a yearlong observation of the quasquicentennial of the School of Engineering—our 125th anniversary. To commemorate, T.J. Stiles, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The First Tycoon: The Epic Life of Cornelius Vanderbilt, wrote “Vanderbilt was an Engineer” for this issue.

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What Engineering Deans Talk About

Apr. 18, 2011—I am fortunate to work with a national group of engineering deans who care deeply about the quality and preparedness of engineering students.

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Engineering Is Critical to the Country’s Economic Recovery

Sep. 17, 2010—Engineers are, and will be, critical contributors to any sustainable economic upturn. They invent, they design, they turn new ideas into marketable products. The NAE’s 14 Grand Challenges have been broadcast across the engineering community for more than two years now. There is evidence that some of the challenges — energy, sustainability, health care and...

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Entrepreneurial Engineers

Apr. 28, 2010—It is widely believed that, to strengthen our economy, we need new ventures, new enterprises, new businesses and new industries. Can you teach entrepreneurship? Or are some individuals just born entrepreneurs? Are engineers entrepreneurial?

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Delivering Engineering Education

Sep. 11, 2009—What skills will American engineers need in a very rapidly changing world? How many engineers are needed and where will they be located? What are our responsibilities in providing an education that shapes careers that may last more than 40 years?

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