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On the Cover – Spring 2012

May. 22, 2012—Commemorating 125 years of insight, innovation and impact at the Vanderbilt University School of Engineering. Art by Anderson Design Group, Inc./Spirit of Nashville. Illustration by Andy Gregg.

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Fall 2011 Cover

Oct. 12, 2011—With model-integrated computing as its core, ISIS develops advances that impact aerospace to education and health care to defense.

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Spring 2011 Cover

Apr. 21, 2011—A patterned diamond cold cathode device created in the VINSE electron optics center. This research may lead to microelectronic applications such as high frequency wideband satellite communications.

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Fall 2010 Cover

Sep. 20, 2010—A diffusion tensor image illuminates white matter, hundreds of long fibers — axons — which transmit signals between different parts of the brain. The gray is an MRI slice. Such MRI images could be used to help surgeons remove brain tumors without damaging axons. Illustration by Dominic Doyle, image courtesy of VUIIS and Lens, a...

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