Engineering’s True Cornerstone

Although the Vanderbilt University School of Engineering was established in 1886, this cornerstone marked construction for the school’s first building, the Mechanical Engineering building (now part of the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management). Yet even 125 years later, it’s evident that the true cornerstone of the School of Engineering is its people, past, present and future. We invite you to memorialize the history of the school by sending us stories of your recollections, personal experiences and historic events relating to the school. We hope to publish them in a future issue or in commemorative articles. We’d also be interested in individual tales of your careers as engineers and accounts of multiple generations or family members sharing a tradition of attending Vanderbilt School of Engineering. Go to 125–Share Your Story for more details.

You can also send a statement by emailing
or writing to:
VUSE at 125
Vanderbilt University School of Engineering
VU Station B #351826
Nashville, TN 37240-1826

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