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The Fred J. Lewis Society

Posted by on Tuesday, November 17, 2009 in Fall 2009, Giving.

Join the Lewis Society

July 1, 2008–June 30, 2009

Many of the School of Engineering’s most dedicated donors are members of the Fred J. Lewis Society. Established more than 30 years ago, the Lewis Society honors the legacy of Dean Fred J. Lewis. Under his leadership from 1933 to 1959, the school enjoyed an upsurge in enrollment, expansion of facilities and strengthening of academic programs. Today the same tradition continues through the generous support of Lewis Society members.

The Lewis Society plays an integral role in the success of the Vanderbilt University School of Engineering. The financial support of alumni, parents and friends helps deserving students receive an exemplary engineering education as well as a wonderful overall academic experience at Vanderbilt. It makes a positive difference in the lives of our students and faculty, and ensures continued growth of the school.

Please consider joining the Lewis Society today and investing in the future of the School of Engineering. If your company has a matching gift program, your gift may be doubled or even tripled. Please use your matching gift to join the Lewis Society now.

For more information, please contact Lydia Park in the school’s Development and Alumni Relations Office by calling (615) 322-4934.

Lewis Society members are recognized for making a five-year pledge of $5,000 or more, or a single gift of $1,000 or more to the School of Engineering. Graduates of the past 10 years are recognized for making a five-year pledge of $2,500 or more, or a single gift of $500 or more to the school. Membership on the list presented here is based on gifts received during our fiscal year of July 1, 2008–June 30, 2009.

*Denotes members who have made a five-year pledge

Cornelius Vanderbilt Founder’s Level (Annual gifts of $25,000 and above)

Class of 1943
Carolyn W. and Oliver T. (BE’43) Kittrell Jr.

Class of 1949
Claire K. and Neely (BE’49) Coble Jr.
Jean Acker Wright (BA’49, MALS’51)*

Class of 1953
Howell E. Adams Jr. (BE’53)*

Class of 1954
G. William Coble II (BE’54)
Fay W. and H. Eugene (BE’54) McBrayer*

Class of 1956
Madeline Reynolds Adams (‘56)*

Class of 1957
Linda S. and L. Hall (BE’57) Hardaway Jr. and Family*

Class of 1958
Barbara Burroughs Wilson (BA’58)*
J. Lawrence Wilson (BE’58)*

Class of 1960
Fred J. Cassetty Jr. (BE’60)*

Class of 1961
Frederick M. Riggs Sr. (BE’61)*

Class of 1963
James A. Johnson (BE’63, PhD’72)*

Class of 1964
Jane Hughes Coble (BA’64)

Class of 1965
Carl E. Adams Jr. (BE’65, MS’66)
Penny L. and Douglas S. (BE’65) Davis

Class of 1966
Dennis C. Bottorff (BE’66)*
Jean Brewington Bottorff (BS’66)*

Class of 1967
Jesse C. Darnell (BE’67)
Cherrie Forte Farnette (BS’67, MA’68)

Class of 1974
Patrice C. and Richard A. (BE’74) Schroeder

Class of 1976
Thomas R. Walters (BE’76)*

Class of 1981
Jeffrey T. Appleton (BE’81)
Bridgitt B. and Bruce R. (BE’81) Evans*

Class of 1999
Jason R. Chambers (BS’99, MBA’01)*

From left, John Gass, BE’74, Margy Ann Gass, Don Orr, BE’56, and Walt Casson, BE’56

“My association with Vanderbilt started when I was one, when we lived on campus while my father was in medical school. I always knew I would return when it came time to go to college. My Vanderbilt education provided me with the foundation for a successful career, and I feel blessed to be able to give something back so others can have the same opportunity.”

~John Gass, BE’74

Chancellor’s Council (Annual gifts of $10,000 to $24,999)

Class of 1946
Jeanne J. and Robert C. (BE’46) Cowen

Class of 1954
William Robert Clay (BE’54)

Class of 1955
Ralph L. Toon Jr. (BE’55)

Class of 1957
Robert R. Buntin II (BE’57)*
Nancy Thompson Toon (‘57)
Lawrence A. Wilson (BE’57)*

Class of 1958
Nancy Stackhouse Wilson (BA’58)*

Class of 1963
W. Hibbett Neel Jr. (BE’63)*
Kent L. Shalibo (BE’63, MS’67)*

Class of 1965
Robert G. Anderson (BE’65)*

Class of 1966
M. Timothy Carey (BE’66)

Class of 1968
Charles E. Fields Jr. (BE’68)*
Thomas G. Mendell (BE’68)*

Class of 1974
Jane Ann Driver Gass (BS’74)
John D. Gass (BE’74)
Charles A. Grice II (BA’74)*
Cathy Jo Thompson Linn (BS’74, MS’78, PhD’80)*
Joseph L. Linn (BS’74, PhD’80)*

Class of 1976
G. Edmond Clark (BE’76)*
James H. Littlejohn (BE’76)*

Class of 1977
Sue Ellen McCown Clark (BA’77)*
Noel Brown Grice (BS’77)*
Lisa Ann Lucas Littlejohn (BS’77, MS’78)*

Class of 1988
Joseph K. Flowers (BE’88)*
Lori Manix Flowers (BA’88)*

Laura E. and Gregory A. Bird
Collier W. and Richard M. Blades
Catherine M. and Edward G. Galante*
Susan B. and Thomas P. Giangiulio*

Jonathan Felbinger, BE’06, and Justin Emmert, BMus’07, MAcc’08
Jonathan Felbinger, BE’06, and Justin Emmert, BMus’07, MAcc’08

“My experiences at Vanderbilt have challenged me to formulate solutions to complex problems, including my present research into high-power semiconductors. I am proud to support the School of Engineering so that it may continue to provide such opportunities to future students.”

~Jonathan Felbinger, BE’06

Dean’s List (Annual gifts of $5,000 to $9,999)

Class of 1951
Sarah Conley Rowan (BS’51, MA’59)*

Class of 1955
William H. Rowan Jr. (BE’55)*

Class of 1964
Richard C. Smith Jr. (BE’64)*

Class of 1966
Laura W. and Bailey P. (BE’66) Robinson III*

Class of 1967
Ann Kimball Johnson (BA’67)

Class of 1968
Ronnie H. Bell (BE’68)
John A. Carter Jr. (BE’68, MS’70)*
John W. Johnson (BE’68)
DeWitt C. Thompson IV (BE’68)
Jacqueline Glover Thompson (BA’68)

Class of 1969
Barry L. Evans (BE’69)*

Class of 1970
Val Connell Carter (BA’70)*
Kenneth W. Thomas Jr. (BE’70)*
Susan Upshaw Thomas (BA’70)*

Class of 1972
Kitty Bankston Cross (BA’72)
William T. Cross (BE’72)

Class of 1973
Steve M. Hays (BE’73)*

Class of 1974
Stephen P. Lainhart (BE’74)*

Class of 1977
Andrea Lykins Lainhart (BS’77)*
David M. Lockman (BE’77)

Class of 1980
Charles P. Marsh (BE’80)*

Class of 1981
Elizabeth W. and Mark L. (JD’81) Feidler
Sharon T. and Franklin D. (BE’81) Fite Jr.
J. Brent Kynoch (BE’81)*
Jennifer Gault Marsh (BSN’81)*

Class of 1982
John H. Tippins (BE’82)

Class of 1983
Gregory W. Iglehart (BE’83)*
William K. McGrane (PhD’83)

Class of 1992
Andrew J. Hurter III (BE’92)
Janis Rose Hurter (BE’92, MS’94)

Class of 1998
Kathleen Oh Baker (BE’98)*
W. Perry Baker (BA’98, MBA’03)*


Charlotte F. Fischer, professor, emerita, and Patrick Fischer, professor, emeritus*


Terrell and Joseph W. Clark
Robin C. Sherwood and Gregory P. Hoelscher
Helen and John C. Kornblum
Pamela E. and John A. Leonard
Eileen G. and Richard H. Rau
Janet and Steve W. Shumake
Sherri C. and Lawrence J. Sindel
Adrienne P. and Timothy J. Unger

Walt Casson Jr., BE’56, Howell Adams, BE’53, Don Orr, BE’56
Walt Casson Jr., BE’56, Howell Adams, BE’53, Don Orr, BE’56

“After two years at the School of Engineering, I returned home to find my father critically ill. I had to stay home for a year to help the family, which required the forfeiture of my NROTC Scholarship. After my father’s death, I wanted to return, but I didn’t have any money. I made an appointment with Dean Fred J. Lewis. He said, ‘Walter, go home and pack your clothes–you’re going back to school.’ “I’ve always been thankful to Dean Lewis and the unknown individuals who provided the funds for me to complete my degree. I can never repay those that made this possible, so the Fred J. Lewis Society provides the opportunity to return a small part of what the School of Engineering gave me. Vanderbilt changed my life and just recalling that meeting many years ago with Dean Lewis continues to cause tears of joy and thankfulness.”

~Walter A. Casson Jr., BE’56

Members (Annual gifts of $1,000 to $4,999)

Class of 1941
George J. Kalanzis (BE’41)
Henry B. Tomlin Jr. (BE’41)*

Class of 1942
Robert O. Nellums (BE’42)

Class of 1945
Ava F. Sellers (MA’45)

Class of 1946
Billy T. Sumner (BE’46)
Mary Sue Sumner (BA’46)

Class of 1947
Helen L. and Lewis D. (BE’47) Bright
Daniel W. Greene (BE’47)

Class of 1948
Robert W. F. Mosby (BE’48)

Class of 1949
Ralph O. Bell (BE’49)
Ralph J. Long (BE’49)*

Class of 1950
Robert L. Brown Sr. (BE’50)*
Mary Lou and Patrick F. (BE’50) Keyes
Eugene E. Penecost (BE’50)*
Frances and John H. (BE’50) Tipton Jr.

Class of 1951
Maryly VanLeer Peck (BE’51)*
Beverly P. and Robert E. (BE’51) Smith*

Class of 1952
Lois Ann and J. Roy (BE’52) Wauford Jr.
Thomas L. Yount Jr. (BE’52)

Class of 1953
Kathryn Walston Smith (BA’53, MLS’70)
Mary M. and Lin C. (BE’53) Wetterau Jr.
Jane Wilkerson Yount (BA’53)

Class of 1954
Brooks F. Doege (BE’54)
Donald P. Gatley (BE’54)
Jane Douglass Gatley (BA’54)
E. Gale Pewitt (BE’54)
Lester H. Smith Jr. (BE’54)
Rosemary M. and H. Blair (BE’54) Trimble Jr.
Betty and John F. Whealy (BE’54)*

Class of 1955
Donna S. and John R. (BE’55) Hall
Curtis C. Sorrells (BE’55)
George O. Trabue Jr. (BE’55)*

Class of 1956
Walter A. Casson Jr. (BE’56)
Byron C. Lynch Jr. (BE’56)

Class of 1957
John E. Bouchard III (BE’57)
Nan Gore Bouchard (BA’57)

Class of 1958
Ruby J. and Archie T. (BE’58) Grant Jr.
H. Morgan Holland (BE’58)
Barbara D. and Frank H. (BE’58) Mason III*
Robert T. Overton (BE’58)
Carolyn Anne and Carlton C. (BE’58) Patton
Charles H. True (BE’58)
Samuel L. Vance (BE’58)

Class of 1959
Mary Henderson Larimer (BE’59)

Class of 1960
E. Roberts Alley (BE’60, MS’73)*
James E. deMasi (BE’60)
James R. Shackleford III (BE’60, PhD’92)

Class of 1961
Patricia N. and Charles T. (BE’61) Bell
James F. Bell Jr. (BE’61)*
Mary Jo P. and William E. (BE’61) Oakley
Fred B. Smith Jr. (BE’61)*
Edward L. Thackston, professor, emeritus (BE’61, PhD’66)

Class of 1962
Betty Tucker Thackston (BA’62)

Class of 1963
Thomas J. Campbell Jr. (BE’63)*
Quentin C. Cassen (BE’63)*
Carol S. and Charles B. (BE’63) Funk*
Judith H. Atchley (BE’63) Nicklos and James M. Nicklos
James H. Zeigler (BE’63)*

Class of 1964
Patsy A. and Stanley S. (BE’64) Burns
Henry B. Cain (BE’64)*
Carolyn B. and William W. (BE’64) Featheringill
Laura J. and W. Winston (BA’64) Hoy Jr.
James N. Stansell Jr. (BE’64)
Shirley Bethshares Stansell (BA’64)
Theresa M. and Claude A. Thomas (BE’64)*

Class of 1965
James H. Clayton III (BE’65)
David R. Davenport (BE’65)
Claire K. and Joe M. (BE’65) Dorris
Joseph A. Drago (BE’65)
Susan S. and K. Arthur (BE’65) Overholser
Gary C. Thompson (BE’65)
Jack L. Wood (BE’65, MS’70)

Class of 1966
Garland P. Rose Jr. (BE’66)
Robert K. Whitsit (BE’66)

Class of 1967
Patricia A. and Anthony S. (BE’67, MS’69) Johnston*
Paul T. Russell Jr. (BE’67)
Ruth V. Griffith Russell (BA’67)
Muriel Robinson and Irby C. (BE’67) Simpkins Jr.*

Class of 1968
Stephen C. Betts (BE’68, MS’71)*
Gerald Andrews Emison (BE’68)
Anne Bowe Purvis (BE’68)
James D. Purvis Jr. (BE’68)

Class of 1969
Dean F. Chase (BE’69)
W. Richard Cooper (BE’69)*
Andrew W. Dozier (BE’69, MS’71, PhD’74)*
Betty O. and Harold R. (BE’69) Gilliland
William Marlin Keel (BE’69, MS’71)*
Elizabeth Lee Kern (BA’69)*
W. Michael Kern (BE’69)*
Jeanne and Peter D. (BE’69) Kinnear
Susan B. and Eugene B. Shanks Jr. (BA’69)
George W. Tamke (BE’69)*

Class of 1970
R. Joel Barnett (BE’70, MS’78, PhD’93)
Sandra Coats Chase (BSN’70)
John P. K. Featheringill (BE’70)
William H. Morrison Jr. (BE’70)
Philip J. Olsson (BA’70, MM’72)

Class of 1971
Rhonda Thornton Boswell (BA’71)
Robert S. Boswell (BE’71)
Charles S. Higgins Jr. (BE’71, MS’78)
Joel S. Janco (BE’71, MS’73)
Jo Nelle S. and James H. (BE’71) Kepper III
Charles F. Smith Jr. (BE’71)
Russell B. Truell (BE’71)*

Class of 1972
Elizabeth H. and Warren (BE’72) Bicknell III
Lois and Ronald W. (BE’72) Crockett Jr.*
George C. Garden Jr. (BE’72, MS’93)
Alene Hawes Harris (MA’72, PhD’88)
R. Scott Heflinger (BE’72, MS’82)*
Leslie Jones Higgins (BSN’72, MSN’75)
Christa M. and Scott B. (BE’72) Hinckley*
Jack W. Morris (BE’72, PhD’77)
G. Gayle Cryer Olsson (BE’72)
Linda S. and John W. (BE’72) Pettit
James D. Riddell (BE’72)
Robert E. Stammer (BE’72)*
Stephen K. Vernon (BE’72)

Class of 1973
J. Tilden Bourland (BE’73)*
Craig Anne Roberts Heflinger (BA’73, MA’75, PhD’89)*
Carolyn H. and John D. (MS’73) Lander
Richard I. Lawrence (BE’73)
Thomas A. Pirtle III (BE’73)*
Anne Mary and H. David (BE’73, MS’77) Walker

Class of 1974
Janet and Stephen D. (BE’74) Abernathy
Laurie Brakebill Aldredge (BA’74)
Mark C. Aldredge (BE’74)
Lynn Davis Anderholm (BE’74, MA’78)
Jeff Bachman (BE’74)*
Kim C. and J. Robin (BE’74, EMBA’83) Barrick
William Bond (BS’74)*
Thomas R. Harris, professor, emeritus (MD’74)
J. Kenneth Tate (BE’74)

Class of 1975
Anne Holloway Bachman (BA’75)*
Matthew S. Blankenship Sr. (BE’75)*
Kenneth G. Diehl Jr. (BS’75)
Michael J. Tierney (BE’75)*

Class of 1976
James E. Anderholm (BS’76)
Gregory S. Collins (BE’76)*
Jean Popp Collins (BS’76)*
Patty Pangle Diehl (MS’76)

Class of 1977
Sanford S. Brown (BE’77)
Danny Gene Johnson (BE’77)*
Win Jui (PhD’77)
Henry R. Nichols (BE’77)*

Class of 1978
Thomas G. Calhoun (BE’78)
Susan M. and Gregory T. (BS’78) Hebrank*
Sara Anne Baker Hopkins (BE’78)
Richard N. Kyle (BS’78)
Stephen C. Lane (BE’78, ME’91)
Connie L. and Terry G. (BS’78) Palmberg
Ronald C. Plybon Jr. (BE’78)
Elizabeth C. and Gregory N. (BE’78) Tragitt

Class of 1979
Beverly Jane Anderson (BE’79)*
Laura Draper Bellows (BA’79)
Daniel T. Crane (BE’79)
William T. Edwards (BE’79, MS’81, PhD’85)*
Sally Bryant English (BS’79)*
Timothy J. English (BE’79)*
Elizabeth Hovda Ey (BA’79)
John W. Ey (BE’79)
Helen Hardcastle Lane (BS’79)
Pamela M. and Stephen M. (BE’79) Lyle
Thomas C. Schaeffer (BE’79)
Jackie L. and James C. (BS’79) Taylor*

Class of 1980
Howell E. Adams III (BS’80)
Daniel B. Barge (BE’80)*
Leonard W. Casson (BE’80, MS’82)
Donald Q. Cochran Jr. (BA’80, JD’92)
Sandra Brophy Cochran (BE’80)
Regina Cates Featheringill (MSN’80)
Barbara M. and William F. (BE’80) Henagan*
Teresa and William C. (MS’80) Kissel*
Deborah Bell Spoehel (BE’80)
Cynthia and John W. (BE’80) Straton Jr.
Cynthia Julien Warner (BE’80)

Class of 1981
Randall Steven Brown (BE’81)*
Jeffrey C. Carlton (BE’81, MD’85)*
Charles W. Coker Jr. (BS’81)
Sylvia Sparkman Coker (BA’81)
Paul Breckinridge Jones Sr. (BS’81)
Perry Hamilton Keel (BE’81)
William D. Morgan (BE’81, MBA’86)
Milton J. Sandling III (BE’81)
Gary A. York (BE’81)

Class of 1982
John R. Adams (BE’82)
Anderson Lacy Baldy III (BE’82)*
Lynne Flowers Carlton (BS’82) *
Elizabeth Lee Cheney (BE’82)*
Peter J. Conway (BS’82)*
Heather Hewitt (BA’82) Daniel and J. Randolph Daniel
Susan Baker Derrington (BE’82)
Ashley Isenhour Edwards (BA’82)*
Emily Watson Hillsman (BE’82)*
Joseph A. Kessler III*
G. Stephen Mason Jr. (BE’82)*
Kym Freeman Mason (BSN’82)*
Marti Winfrey (BE’82) Rimbault and Kevin R. Rimbault
Paul R. Van Hook (BS’82)*

Class of 1983
Dena Cross Castellon (BE’83)*
Michael C. Castellon (BE’83)*
Keith A. Derrington (BE’83)
D. Thomas Ranna Jr. (BE’83)*

Class of 1984
Ruth Mewbourne Buckley (BE’84)*
Rainer Hoff (PhD’84)
James Leo Johnson Jr. (BS’84)*
Robert W. Koch (BE’84)
Cheri McMillan McKechnie (BA’84)*
Timothy N. McKechnie (BE’84, MS’85)*
Barbara Martin Robinson (BSN’84)
Richard M. Robinson (BE’84)
Thomas W. Sheedy Jr. (BE’84)*

Class of 1985
Larry S. Antonatos (BE’85)*
Joseph Ralph Jolly Jr. (BE’85)

Class of 1986
James Clark Camp (BE’86)*
Christopher W. Cavanaugh (BA’86)
Pamela Blanks Cavanaugh (BS’86)
Lyn Drennen Cosby (BE’86)
Randall R. Cosby (BE’86)
Jack P. Williams Jr. (BE’86)

Class of 1987
William F. Crawford (BE’87)*
Scott W. Johnson (BE’87)
S. Todd Nunnally (BE’87)
Mark E. Platt (BE’87)
Leigh Ann and Henry Andrae (BS’87) Pool
Scott D. Yates (BE’87)*

Class of 1988
Robert E. Ivy II (MD’88)
Scarlett Weakley Martin (BA’88, MBA’92)
Gary L. Monroe (BE’88)*
William L. Shaffer (BE’88)

Class of 1989
E. Roberts Alley Jr. (BE’89)*
Robert Scott Langdon (BE’89)*
Paul Joseph McKee III (BE’89)
Andrea Marchetti Schaeffer (MSN’89)
James C. Seabury III (BE’89)*
Elizabeth Ann Cobb Wright (BE’89, PhD’96)

Class of 1991
Mary McDonald Collins (BS’91)*
Robert K. Collins IV (BE’91)*
Noah J. Fitzpatrick IV (BE’91)*
Brian P. Franklin (BS’91)
Kenneth R. Martin (BE’91)

Class of 1992
Paul B. Farabaugh (BE’92)*
Allyson Brown Maske (BS’92)

Class of 1993
Ronald A. Lewis II (BE’93)*
H. Jamison Maske (BE’93, MBA’99)

Class of 1994
Chadwick J. Chesney (BE’94)
Chikai Jeffrey Ohazama (BE’94)
G. William Sadler III (BE’94)

Class of 1995
James Hughes Butler (BE’95)
Paul H. Chill (BE’95)
Brian J. Thomas (BE’95)
Tricia Annette-Doak Thomas (BE’95)

Class of 1996
Lina Yoo and Philip J. (BE’96) Salem*

Class of 1997
Michael A. Lloyd (BE’97)
Logan E. Meeks (BE’97)
Allison Valuch Sadler (BE’97)
Dugan H. Schwalm (BE’97, MS’00)
Charles Wesley Williams III (BS’97)*

Class of 1998
Tony A. Divino (BE’98)
Heather Kathleen Gilligan (BE’98)
Richard C. Holton Jr. (BS’98)*
Elizabeth Ross Lackey (BE’98)*
Melody Paige McManus (BE’98)*
Andrew J. Wagner (BS’98)
Andrew Warner (BS’98)
Sarah Davis Warner (BS’98)

Class of 1999
Hubert R. Ma (BE’99)
Cherry Abenojar McLaughlin (BE’99)
David S. McLaughlin (BS’99)
Marc M. McManus (BS’99)*

Class of 2000
Payton W. Dobbs (BE’00)
Erika Brown Wagner (BE’00)

Class of 2003
Kevin A. Harnsberry (BE’03)

Class of 2004
Madani A. Adjali (BE’04)
Ahmed Bakhash (BE’04)*
Vikram Srinivasan (ME’04)

Class of 2005
Matthew S. Galante (BE’05)
Stephen J. McGuire (BE’05, MS’05)*
Christopher B. Nash (BE’05, MS’06)*
Matthew P. Stevens (BS’05)*

Class of 2006
Jonathan Felbinger (BE’06)
Ahmed Mulla (BS’06)
Jessica Marie Rodriguez (BE’06)

Class of 2007
Clay G. Prickett (BE’07)


(Faculty who are alumni also appear under their class year)
Carol E. Armes and Robert W. Pitz*
R. Joel Barnett
Peter T. Cummings*
Andrew W. Dozier*
Charlotte F. Fischer, professor, emerita*
Patrick Fischer, professor, emeritus*
Betsy E. and Daniel M. Fleetwood
Dorothy E. and Kenneth F. Galloway*
Thomas R. Harris, professor, emeritus
Teresa T. and David S. Kosson
Barbara L. and M. Douglas LeVan
Susan S. and K. Arthur Overholser
Frank L. Parker*
William H. Rowan Jr., professor, emeritus
Karl B. Schnelle Jr., professor, emeritus
Robert E. Stammer*
Edward L. Thackston, professor, emeritus
James J. Wert, professor, emeritus


Jeanne and Norman Asher
Jamie N. and Clem A. Barrere
Lynn S. and Timothy A. Bemiller
Yu-Tzu and Hai-Yu Bien
Elizabeth G. and Andrew G. Bittson
Grace O. and Walter C. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Frazier III
Theresa M. Gillis
Glenda M. Goodine-Murphy and Thomas J. Murphy
Kathryn B. and Bruce J. Haupt
Cecilia M. and Frederic H. Jenkins
Mary E. and David B. Kimerling
Susan M. and Howard S. Klein
Leesa H. and Donald M. Kurdziel
Carolyn H. Lander
Steven E. Levine
Sophia H. and Charles B. Male
Jossette Shancey Malti and Michael Siedlecki
Jill and Thomas N. Marino
Shari H. and Barry F. Marsh
Janet D. and Vincent L. Martin
Regina V. and Richard S. McCormack Jr.
Mary Ellen and Thomas N. McKnight
Linda H. and P. Andrews McLane
James E. Prickett
Nancy W. and Albert Rossi
Michele L. and Robert N. Ryan Jr.
Ann C. and Harold F. Strong
Vicki and Frank Tylman
Janet A. and Ulrich G. Weiss


Sarah V. and David S. Andrew
Gretchen S. and Tilden Childs III
Mrs. Bruce D. Henderson
Susanna and Ted A. Kniazewycz
Deborah J. S. and George Lantz
Patricia E. and Harold K. Matthes
Susan M. Serafini and Edward D. Michaelson
Kathy and Robert Olsen
Dorothy A. Wade-Vuturo and George J. Vuturo

Corporations and Foundations

AMEC Earth & Environmental Inc.
American Society of Civil Engineers
American Welding Society
Balfour Beatty Construction
Barge Waggoner Sumner & Cannon
Bell & Associates Construction
The Boeing Co.
Bridgestone/Firestone Inc.
C.I.M. Patrons
Chevron Products Co.
Crescent Cresline Wabash Plastics
DBIA South Central Region
DENSO North America Foundation
Dental Design Studio
Dunn Southeast Inc.
Enterprise Electric LLC
Gresham, Smith and Partners
H. A. Thomson Co.
Hardaway Construction Corporation of Tennessee
HCA Info Technology/Services Inc.
Ingram Barge Co.
Kimley-Horn & Associates Inc.
Lee Co.
Messer Construction Co.
National Instruments Corp.
North America Society for Trenchless Technology
On Center Software Inc.
Owen and White Inc.
Patrick Engineering Inc.
Pressure Specialist Inc.
Ross Bryan Associates Inc.
Skanska USA Building Inc.
Smith Seckman Reid Inc.
Structural Design Group Inc.
Western Digital

A Special Thank You
The Vanderbilt University School of Engineering gratefully acknowledges the following donors who have made lifetime contributions in excess of $100,000:

Carl E. Adams Jr. (BE’65, MS’66)
Madeline Reynolds Adams (‘56)
and Howell E. Adams Jr. (BE’53)
Jo Ann D. and William B. Akers (BE’47)
Alcoa Foundation
American Welding Society
Robert G. Anderson (BE’65)
Ashland Inc. Foundation
AT&T Foundation
Bruce M. Bayer, professor, emeritus
(BE’35, GS’52)+
Robert L. Bibb Jr. (BE’43)+
Jean Brewington Bottorff (BS’66) and Dennis C. Bottorff (BE’66)
William Mitchell Bradley (BE’79)
Margaret J. and James R. Brennan (BE’61)
Clata Ree Brent (BS’55, MAL’62), bequest
Bridgestone/Firestone Inc.
Elizabeth Olson Brown+ and Robert Lee Brown Sr. (BE’50)
Meredith S. Bullington
M. Timothy Carey (BE’66)
Fred J. Cassetty Jr. (BE’60)
Lauzanne S. and Walter A. Casson Jr. (BE’56)
Jason R. Chambers (BS’00, MBA’01)
Russell C. Chambers+
William Robert Clay (BE’54)
Jane Hughes Coble (BA’64) and G. William Coble (BE’55)
Claire K. and Neely Coble (BE’49)
Crescent Cresline Wabash Plastics Foundation
Collie and Gregory S. Daily
Sharilyn and Jesse C. Darnell (BE’67)
Penny L. and Douglas S. Davis (BE’65)
Autry O. V. DeBusk
Delphi Delco Electronics Systems
DENSO North America Foundation
Pamela Hathcock deZevallos (‘67) and
Edward P. deZevallos (BA’65)
Clarie K. and Joe M. Dorris (BE’65)
Thad L. Dorsey (‘25) bequest
Harriet E. Dyer (‘73) and David F. Dyer (BE’71)
Bridgitt and Bruce R. Evans (BE’81)
Carolyn B. and William W. Featheringill (BE’64)
Charles E. Fields Jr. (BE’68)
H. Fort Flowers Foundation Inc.
Lori Manix Flowers (BA’88) and
Joseph K. Flowers (BE’88)
General Motors Corporation
General Motors Foundation Inc.
W. Hunter Goodwin III (BE’91)
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Goodwin Jr.
Carole Haas Gravagno
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Haas
Donna S. and John R. Hall (BE’55)
Linda S. and L. Hall Hardaway (BE’57)
Edgar W. Hertenstein Jr. (BE’41)+
Hewlett-Packard Co.
Gerry G. Hull (BE’64)
IBM Corp.
Ingram Barge Co.
Ingram Family
Intergraph Corp.
Dillard Jacobs (BE’32), bequest
Karen W. and James A. Johnson (BE’63, PhD’72)
Shana B. and Robert C. Johnstone
Anne Cowart Kibler (BA’70) and Frank M. Kibler Jr. (BE’69)
Carolyn W. and Oliver T. Kittrell Jr. (BE’43)
Cathy Jo Thompson Linn (BS’74, MS’78, PhD’80) and Joseph L. Linn (BS’74, PhD’80)
Fay W. and H. Eugene McBrayer (BE’54)
Samuel W. McCleskey (BE’51)
Thomas G. Mendell (BE’68)
April and Athanassios Michas
National Instruments Corp.
Emmet O’Neal (BE’43)+
Eve Loser Orr (‘58) and Donald C. Orr (BE’56)
Primavera Systems Inc.
Procter & Gamble Fund
Frederick M. Riggs Sr. (BE’61)
Martin S. Roberts Jr. (BE’57)+
Laura W. and Bailey P. Robinson (BE’66)
Rohm & Haas Co.
Sarah Conley Rowan (BS’51, MA’59) and William H. Rowan Jr., professor, emeritus (BE’55)
Patrice C. and Richard A. Schroeder (BE’74)
W. David Seyfried (BE’38)+
Thomas W. Sheedy Jr. (BE’84)
Shell Oil Co. Foundation
Richard M. Skipwith (‘29), bequest
Peggy and Terrance C. Slattery (BE’75)
Dennis Morgan Smith Jr. (BE’73)
Sonat Foundation
Armand Max Souby Jr. (BE’38)+
Richard E. Speece
Miller W. Swaney (BE’31, MS’32)+
J. Harris Tate (BE’33), bequest
Virginia and Joseph F. Tatum (BE’45)
Jacqueline Glover Thompson (BA’68) and DeWitt C. Thompson (BE’68)
Charles M. Turner (BE’25, ME’31), bequest
Viewlogic Systems Inc.
Lois Ann F. and J. Roy Wauford Jr. (BE’52)
Carol and Roy Whitfield
Barbara Burroughs Wilson (BA’58) and J. Lawrence Wilson (BE’58)
Jane Wilkerson Yount (BA’53) and Thomas L. Yount (BE’52)

+ deceased

The Vanderbilt University School of Engineering thanks and recognizes the many supporters who gave generously to the school from July 1, 2008, to June 30, 2009. Please contact Lydia Park at (615) 322-4934 or to learn more about supporting the School of Engineering, to let us know about any omissions or errors on this donor list, or to request removal of your name from this and all future online donor rolls.