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University Standing Committees

Athletics Committee

(USAC representatives)

  • Mary Ann Dean – term expires 2016
  • Frank Lester – term expires 2016
  • Kenny Moore – term expires 2015

Faculty and Staff Benefits Committee

(USAC representatives)

  • John Brassil – term expires 2017
  • Glenda Washam* – term expires 2017
  • Melissa Wocher – term expires 2016

*Former USAC member; will continue to serve out term as a representative of Vanderbilt University staff.

Traffic and Parking Committee

(USAC representatives)

  • Melissa Ahler – term expires 2015
  • Frank Lester – term expires 2017
  • Dan Stewart – term expires 2016
  • J.J. Street – term expires 2016


Hardship Fund Committee

The Hardship Fund Committee includes three university staff representatives appointed to three-year terms. Their names are not listed here to protect the anonymity of Hardship Fund applicants as well as the integrity of the recipient selection process. For more information, contact Jim Kendall, manager of Work/Life Connections-EAP.