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Community Connections

Vanderbilt is a cool place to work, filled with plenty of interesting people. With such amazing resources here, why not share them? That’s how Community Connections was born.

This program is a grassroots collaborative initiative among USAC, MCSAC and Employee Celebration. The goal is to bring Vanderbilt staff (both university and VUMC) together and provide opportunities for personal enrichment, exploring common areas of interest, learning new skills and making connections across the university as a whole.

There are many ways we can share experiences – a traditional classroom is not the only setting. Seminars, book groups, clubs focused on specific hobbies or interests, and groups in which employees meet together to work on life issues and support one another are other options. There are examples of all of these scattered across Vanderbilt, but imagine what we could do if we put our minds to it and got focused!

We want to hear from you!

Let us know what you are interested in, how you want to learn, what you want to share, and groups you want to form. Our goal is to find ways to connect people with shared interests. Contact us at

For more information:  

MyVU article featuring Janiece Vincz and Lara Beth Lehman

Community Connections aims to enrich the work lives of Vanderbilt staff 



Preparing Your Garden for Spring

Cindy Wedel, director of Service Excellence Coaching and Consulting and Middle Tennessee Perennial Plant Society past-president presents the second Gardening Series event. Cindy comes from a long line of gardeners, learning from her family's floral businesses in Michigan. She has also completed the Davidson County Master Gardener Program and volunteers at Cheekwood as a garden guide. Click below to view her informative PowerPoint presentation and helpful suggestions on preparing your garden beds for spring.

Preparing your garden for spring with Cindy Wedel (PowerPoint)


Event Videos:

Vanderbilt Tunnel Tour


Container Gardening

Holiday Hints with Ms. Cheap

Putting Your Garden to Bed

Car Care for the Automotively Challenged

Healthy Living 

Stacey Kendrick shares healthy cooking recipes.

Ms. Cheap