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We've partnered with AcademicPub to make individual chapters of many of our books available for custom books, both print and digital, for use in courses. The AcademicPub application provides right-now copyright clearance and an ever-expanding content library—along with the ability for instructors to add their own materials and articles from the web. To see Vanderbilt University Press titles—and many other publishers'—sign up for free and start creating your own custom course packs at AcademicPub.




1. EXAMINE A BOOK FOR YOUR COURSE FOR FREE, RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE! Many of our most popular titles used in classes are available online. First, use the "Book Search" box to find the title you're interested in, either the cloth or paperback edition. Then, if you see "Preview" under the "Buy Now" button, just click and read!

We're putting more books online all the time, so please browse often for new titles. Note: not all titles are available for examination online, so if you don't see a book you're interested in examining, please send an email to to let us know.


2. IF YOU STILL WOULD LIKE TO SEE A PRINTED BOOK TO EXAMINE FOR YOUR COURSES : Examination copies of many books are available to college and university instructors who wish to consider them for classroom adoption—while supplies last and at the discretion of Vanderbilt University Press.

Requests should be made using the request form below (see below for how to order by mail or fax). Limit two (2) exam copy requests per instructor per year. If an instructor receives an examination copy and the book is later adopted as a course text, the exam copy serves as the instructor's desk copy. In general, Vanderbilt University Press furnishes exam copies only to faculty in the U.S. and Canada; elsewhere, instructors should contact the local distributor of Vanderbilt University Press books for information about exam copy availability.

To order an examination copy, please select up to two titles and fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Go to the online order form here .

You may also MAIL, EMAIL with attachment, or FAX your exam copy request to:

Text Department
Vanderbilt University Press
PMB 351813
Nashville, TN 37235-1813

Fax: 615-343-8823 (please attach request on departmental letterhead as PDF or JPG)


College and university instructors are entitled to one complimentary desk copy of any book adopted for course use if 10 or more copies have been ordered by the college bookstore and the instructor has not previously received a desk or examination copy. We cannot provide "desk copies" for use in departmental or institutional libraries. Note: we provide only one free desk copy per course adoption, no matter how many copies are ordered by the bookstore.

Requests for desk copies should be sent by mail or fax, on departmental letterhead or on a standardized university desk copy request form, and should include the following information:

  1. title of book;
  2. instructor's name and email;
  3. title of course;
  4. semester and projected enrollment of course;
  5. whether book is a required or recommended text;
  6. name of bookstore, date text order was placed, and quantity ordered;
  7. the mailing address where we should send the book.

Desk copy requests, on departmental letterhead, may be emailed as an attachment, mailed or faxed (no phone calls, please) to:

Text Department
Vanderbilt University Press
PMB 351813
Nashville, TN 37235-1813

Fax: 615-343-8823 (please attach request on departmental letterhead as PDF or JPG)