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Becoming a Visible Man
Second Edition

Author(s): Jamison Green

In a clear and logical style, Becoming a Visible Man tackles the history, biology, medicine, philosophy, and politics that claim to define and control gender in the US.

Profoundly personal and eminently practical, Jamison Green clarifies transgender experience for transgender people and their families, friends, and co-workers. Medical and mental healthcare providers, educators at every level, business leaders, and advocates seeking information about transgender concerns can all gain from Green’s integrative approach to the topic. This book candidly addresses the emotional relationships that are impacted by a transgender transition, and brings refined integrity to the struggle to self-define, whether one undergoes a transition or chooses not to.

Emphasizing the lives of transgender men (who are often overlooked) he elucidates the experience of masculinity in a way that is self-assured and comforting, not demanding or threatening. Self-acceptance and health are always at the core of his message. Green's inspirational wisdom has informed and empowered thousands of readers with knowledge and compassion. There is still no other book like it in the transgender library.

Biography of Author(s)

Jamison Green is an author, educator, public speaker, independent legal scholar, and consulting expert in transgender health and employment discrimination litigation. He serves as a policy consultant for business, educational, and governmental institutions, and is a past president of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).


  • "The first great memoir by a trans man."
    New York Times
  • "[Becoming a Visible Man] has become a classic text, informing and inspiring transgender and cisgender people worldwide."
    Mason Funk, author of The Book of Pride: LGBTQ Heroes Who Changed the World
  • "Jamison Green tells, with integrity, and in a moving and thoughtful way, his story."
    Dallas Denny, editor, Transgender Tapestry Journal
  • "We can all, regardless of gender, benefit from this strong and gentle book about what is really important about gender: self-acceptance and tolerance."
    Archives of Sexual Behavior
  • "Becoming an Visible Man offers brilliant insight into the world of transmen, a much needed insight for the professionals who seek to serve this population or to educate others about the wide range of diversity that exists in the world of human sexuality and gender expression. Anyone with an interest in this topic should consider this book required reading."
    American Journal of Sexuality Education