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Food and Poverty
Food Insecurity and Food Sovereignty among America's Poor

Editor(s): Leslie Hossfeld, E. Brooke Kelly, Julia Waity

Food insecurity rates, which skyrocketed with the Great Recession, have yet to fall to pre-recession levels. Food pantries are stretched thin, and states are imposing new restrictions on programs like SNAP that are preventing people from getting crucial government assistance. At the same time, we see an increase in obesity that results from lack of access to healthy foods. The poor face a daily choice between paying bills and paying for food.

Table of Contents


Part One—Concepts:

  • Security via Sovereignty: Lessons from the Global South | Myriam Paredes and Mark Edwards

  • Can You Put Food on the Table? Redefining Poverty in America | Maureen Berner and Alexander Vazquez

  • Food, Poverty, and Lifestyle Patterns: How Diversity Matters | Michael Jindra and Nicolas Larchet

Part Two—Problems:
  • Food Spending Profiles for White, Black, and Hispanic Households Living in Poverty | Raphaël Charron-Chénier

  • The Geography of Risk: A Case Study of Food Insecurity, Poverty, and Food Assistance between the Urban and the Rural | Michael D. Gillespie

  • Poverty, Food Insecurity, and Health among Youth | Don Willis and Kevin M. Fitzpatrick

  • The Role of Coupons in Exacerbating Food Insecurity and Obesity | Kaitland M. Byrd, W. Carson Byrd, and Samuel R. Cook

  • The Rise and Falter of Emergency Food Assistance | Jennifer W. Bouek

  • The Complex Challenges to Participation in Federal Nutrition Programs | Rachel Wilkerson, Kathy Krey, and Linda English

  • Access to Food Assistance for Food Insecure Seniors | Marie C. Gualtieri

  • Food Deserts and Injustice: Poverty, Food Insecurity, and Food Sovereignty in Three Rust Belt Cities | Stephen J. Scanlan and Sam Regas

  • Shifting Access to Food: Food Deserts in Atlanta, 1980-2010 | Gloria Ross and Bill Winders

Part Three—Solutions:
  • Together at the Table: The Power of Public-Private Partnerships to Alleviate Hunger | Erin Nolen, Jeremy Everett, Doug McDurham, and Kathy Krey

  • Race, Class, Privilege, and Bias in South Florida Food Movements | Marina Karides and Patricia Widener

  • Food Insecurity in Southeast Grand Rapids, Michigan: How Our Kitchen Table Is Building Food Justice in the Face of Profiteering and Exclusionary Practices | Christy Mello

  • Community Leadership and Participation to Increase Food Access and Quality: Notes from the Field | Ameena Batada and Olufemi Lewis

  • Hunger in the Land of Plenty: Local Responses to Food Insecurity in Iowa | Gabrielle Roesch-McNally, Jacqueline Nester, Andrea Basche, Eric Christianson, and Emily Zimmerman

  • Food Pantries on College and University Campuses: An Emerging Solution to Food Insecurity | Carmel E. Price and Natalie R. Sampson

Biography of Editor(s)

Leslie Hossfeld is Dean of the College of Behavioral, Social, and Health Sciences at Clemson University.
E. Brooke Kelly is Professor of Sociology at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.
Julia Waity is Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.