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Ethics of Life
Contemporary Iberian Debates

Editor(s): Katarzyna Beilin, William Viestenz

The contributors ask the following questions:

• What are the different rhetorical strategies employed by writers, artists, filmmakers, and activists to react to the degradation of life and climate change?
• How are urban movements using environmental issues to resist corporate privatization of the commons?
• What is the shape of Spanish debates on reproductive rights and biotechnology?
• What is the symbolic significance of the bullfighting debate and other human/animal issues in today's political turmoil in Spain?

Hispanic Issues Series
Nicholas Spadaccini, Editor-in-Chief

Hispanic Issues Online

Biography of Editor(s)

Katarzyna Beilin is Professor of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
William Viestenz is Associate Professor of Spanish and Global Studies at the University of Minnesota.