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Bobby Braddock
A Life on Nashville’s Music Row

Author(s): Bobby Braddock

If you know country music, you know Bobby Braddock. Even if you don't know his name, you know the man's work. "He Stopped Loving Her Today." "D-I-V-O-R-C-E." "Golden Ring." "Time Marches On." "I Wanna Talk About Me." "People Are Crazy." These songs and numerous other chart-topping hits sprang from the mind of Bobby Braddock. A working songwriter and musician, Braddock has prowled the streets of Nashville's legendary Music Row since the mid-1960s, plying his trade and selling his songs. These decades of writing songs for legendary singers like George Jones, Tammy Wynette, and Toby Keith are recounted in Bobby Braddock: A Life on Nashville's Music Row, providing the reader with a stunning look at the beating heart of Nashville country music that cannot be matched.

If you're looking for insight into Nashville, the life of music in this town, and the story of a force of nature on the Row to this day, Bobby Braddock will take you there.

Biography of Author(s)

Bobby Braddock is a songwriter and producer who has worked for five decades with singers and musicians in Nashville. He was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2011, the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1981, and the national Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2015. He is author of Down in Orburndale: A Songwriter's Youth in Old Florida.


  • "This memoir combines penetrating self-revelation and very readable storytelling from an almost painfully smart, always generous writer who's able to look back at the charms and foibles of his younger, rougher self with perspective and endearing humor. There's only one Bobby Braddock, and he's in these pages."
    --Barry Mazor, author of Ralph Peer and the Making of Popular Roots Music and Meeting Jimmie Rodgers
  • "Bobby is a songwriter's songwriter who has a great gift for portraying what is real and genuine--a true poet. I've always loved him, and I get a kick out of his take on things. I am sure you will feel the same reading about his life on Music Row. Enjoy!"
    --Dolly Parton, legendary singer, songwriter, and entertainer
  • "The Country Music Hall of Fame songwriter's remarkably direct, engaging, outrageously funny, and insightful memoir of his long career on the main stage of Nashville's storied music business. A gifted songwriter's intensely personal inside story on the fast track in Nashville, where almost a century of music has generated a wealth of legends, myths, and heartbreakingly true stories. Bobby Braddock has been there for fully half of it--making him its most articulate and unabashed eyewitness to date."
    --John Egerton, award-winning Southern author
  • "No one I've ever met has made such an impact on my life as Bobby Braddock. . . . I've always wished that everyone could hear these stories. How could so much be packed into one person's life? Think it's not possible? Spend a day with Bobby."
    --Blake Shelton, star of country music and NBC's The Voice
  • "Bobby Braddock is the greatest of all the country music songwriters, and he's written a rip-roaring history of Nashville and the characters who have made it what it is. He spins the stories of the greats and not-so-greats, the dreamers and the schemers, the bit players and the stars. I laughed out loud and maybe shed a tear or two. It's a great read for both country fans and those who wouldn't know country from Cole Porter. I loved it."
    --Bob Schieffer, CBS News
  • "The best book ever written about writing songs on Music Row. Bobby Braddock is arguably the greatest country songwriter of all time. This [book] should be his biggest hit yet."
    --Alice Randall, author of New York Times best seller The Wind Done Gone