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Anthropology at the Front Lines of Gender-Based Violence

Editor(s): Jennifer R. Wies, Hillary J. Haldane

Anthropology at the Front Lines of Gender-Based Violence is a broad and accessible volume, with a truly global approach to understanding the lives of front-line workers in women's shelters, anti-violence organizations, and outreach groups. Often written from a first-person perspective, these essays examine government workers, volunteers, and nongovernmental organization employees to present a vital picture of practical approaches to combating gender-based violence.

Biography of Editor(s)

Jennifer R. Wies is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Eastern Kentucky University.
Hillary J. Haldane is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Quinnipiac University.


  • "Anthropologists and social work and health care professionals as well as human rights activists will find this book of interest. Highly recommended."
  • "Above all else, this work's greatest value will come from bringing together into one volume professional/applied and scholarly/theoretical currents that are too often unaware of, much less actively engaging, one another. The writing is approachable, the cases and analysis compelling, and the political commitment unmistakable."
    --Sarah Hautzinger, author of Violence in the City of Women
  • "This volume will appeal to scholars and practitioners who write and teach about gender-based violence."
    --Mindie Lazarus-Black, Temple University, author of Everyday Harm
  • "In their introduction, Weis and Haldane stress the magnitude of the problem of gender-based violence internationally and the need for awareness of the interaction between global and local responses. This volume makes a significant contribution to that process."
    --Anthropology Now
  • ""The editors' innovative ethnographic focus on front-line workers makes a significant contribution to the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary field of gender-based violence studies."
    --Madelaine Adelman, Arizona State University