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Studies in French-Classical Tragedy

Author(s): Lacy Lockert

This unique volume contains studies not only of Corneille’s and Racine’s tragedies but also of the best work of the lesser French-classical tragic dramatists, too generally neglected, to whom more than half of the book is devoted. Its author brings to his tasks of presentation, criticism, and appraisal a wider acquaintance, perhaps, with the drama of many lands and times than anyone who has previously written at any considerable length on the subject of French-classical tragedy. To the desirable perspective thus obtained, he joins an appreciation of good plays of every type, without prejudice either for or against any type of drama.

Numerous, often lengthy, quoted passages (with an English verse translation accompanying the French in every case) exemplify the achievement and exhibit the qualities of the dramas and dramatists discussed.

That portion of the author’s critical work in this field which has already appeared, as introductions in his volumes of translated plays, has been much appreciated, as witness the following brief excerpts from reviews of those books:

“The plays…are discussed with insight and enthusiasm.”—(London) Notes and Queries.

“Refreshingly original and yet free from specious pleading or naïve enthusiasm.”—Chattanooga Times.

“Thoughtful, discerning appraisals.”—Seventeenth Century News.

“An excellent critical introduction.”—The Library Journal.

“A judicious introduction.”—Arthur Knodel in The Personalist.

“The very best interpretative treatment of Corneille that has appeared.”—C. Maxwell Lancaster.

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