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An Introduction

Author(s): Julio Premat

This book, available for the first time in English, offers a thorough introductory reading of Jorge Luis Borges, one of the most remarkable and influential writers of the twentieth century. Julio Premat, a specialist in the field of Borges studies, presents the main questions posed by Borges's often paradoxical writing, and leads the novice through the complexity and breadth of Borges's vast literary production.

Originally published in French by an Argentine ex-pat living in Paris, Borges includes the Argentine specificities to Borges’s work—specificities that are often unrecognized or glossed over in Anglophone readings.

This book is a boon for university students of philosophy and literature, teachers and researchers in these fields who are looking to better understand this complex author, and anyone interested in the advanced study of literature. ​Somewhere between a guidebook and an exhaustive work of advanced research, Borges is the ultimate stepping stone into the deeper Borgesian world.

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  • "This work does not incur the awkwardness of simply adapting a certain academic knowledge to a non-specialized public; it is a commendable work of writing through which a specialist manages to select, rank, and reorder his mastery of a subject in order to encourage entry into the work of the Argentine writer."
    Francisco AielloReseñas/CeLeHis