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Vesna Pavlovic

Author(s): Vesna Pavlovic

Vesna Pavlović: Stagecraft features four extensive bodies of the photographer's work, spanning from early 2000s to today—photographs of the Yugoslav socialist modernist hotel spaces from her internationally recognized series “Hotels”; photographs of the ceremonial space of the Yugoslav Presidential Palace in Belgrade from the series “Collection/Kolekcija”; and the recent “Fabrics of Socialism” and “Sites of Memory” series exploring the archives of the Museum of Yugoslav History.

The book includes critical essays that contextualize and expound on Pavlović’s unique treatment of the photographic medium, in which a photographic moment is expanded to include the conditions of image making, production, documentation, and representation.

Biography of Author(s)


  • "Pavlović probes the ability of the photographic medium to engage with the great abstractions of modern life, such as ideology, memory, geopolitics, and historical change. The abandoned project of socialist Yugoslavia is at the same time the material object of her photos, their omnipresent reference point, and the ghost that haunts them."
    Vladimir Kulić, editor of Second World Postmodernisms: Architecture and Society under Late Socialism
  • "A significant contribution to scholarship on contemporary artistic practices from the region of Former Yugoslavia. Pavlović warrants this kind of in-depth engagement."
    Uroš Čvoro, author of Transitional Aesthetics: Contemporary Art at the Edge of Europe