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Library Resources

The Jean and Alexander Heard Library system at Vanderbilt University has many resources for students conducting research. Whether you are finding sources for a literature review, checking out equipment like iPads or a laptops, or printing, scanning, or copying, the Jean and Alexander Heard Library will be happy to assist you.

In addition to these benefits, the Jean and Alexander Heard Library offers the amazing service of Ask A Librarian. All of the undergraduate majors have been assigned to different librarians. Each librarian serves as a liaison for the major and assists students who are conducting research in this area. Any student conducting a review of the literature for a particular topic is strongly encouraged to contact his or her subject liaison for assistance in surveying the literature and for additional consultations throughout the research process.

In addition to asking a librarian, the library system offers research guides for most subjects. Some of the resources include links to important sites in a specific field, common data sets used in research, databases of relevant journals and journal articles, and more. Many of the guides are divided even further to apply to specific classes in each discipline.