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The UCC provides a variety of workshops throughout the year. Workshops are held at the UCC or on campus in collaboration with other campus departments/offices. Workshops will begin in August 2019.

What’s the difference between group therapy and attending a workshop?

Workshops are offered in partnership with campus providers and are held in locations across campus. Students do not need referrals to attend workshops, and they do not become part of your treatment records at the UCC.

Fall 2019 Workshops

Surviving and Thriving with ADHD
Center for Student Wellbeing

Weekly Workshop dates: October 2, 9, 16, 23, & 30 from 4pm – 5pm
Location: Center for Student Wellbeing
We will actively engage in skill-building to improve work completion, time management, and organization and practice cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness interventions.

Drop-in Q & A: September 11, November 13, December 4 from 4pm – 5pm
Location: Center for Student Wellbeing

These sessions will provide a brief overview of ADHD and executive function challenges and offer a chance to ask questions about these topics.

This workshop series will focus will on strategies for improving work completion, time management, and organization, as well as touching on cognitive behavioral and mindfulness interventions. A verified diagnosis of ADHD is not required for this workshop; any interested student is welcome! No referral is necessary and attendance is not mandatory, although you will get the most benefit if you make a commitment to attend all sessions in the series.  If you have previously participated in Surviving and Thriving with ADHD, you are invited to attend again, as it can be beneficial to hear the information more than one time.  Please call (615) 322-2571 and ask for Frances for more information about this workshop.

The Psychology of Peak Performance
Center for Student Wellbeing

For more information on Peak Performance – Click Here

Fall Series: Friday from 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

September 6 Session 1: Perfectionism and “Imposter Syndrome”

September 20 Session 2: Motivation, Mindset & Effective Goal Setting

October 18 Session 3: Performing under Pressure, Fighting Procrastination & Increasing Efficiency

November 1 Session 4: Managing Conflict and Relationships

November 15 Session 5: Finding Work/Life Balance