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Single Session at the UCC: Start Strong & Simple (SSS)

Single Session at the UCC: Start Strong & Simple (SSS)

Students are now able to attend a single session counseling appointment at the UCC. Visits will be scheduled through OSCC.

In a single session appointment, a student will meet with a counselor for a one-time session to discuss a current problem or concern.  The counselor will help you clarify your problem and work with you to develop skills and strategies to create a personalized action plan. You will have the option for a brief follow up if needed.

Book a single session appointment if you…

  • Have a problem or concern and are interested in a single conversation with a professional who will work with you to create an action plan
  • Are NOT interested in ongoing counseling services
  • Are NOT currently being seen at the UCC for individual therapy
  • Have been in counseling at the UCC in the past, but are currently only interested in a one-time session with a counselor to solve a current problem

Seek ongoing therapy at the UCC if you…

  • Are in crisis and are struggling with one or more of the following:
    • Thoughts of suicide
    • Thoughts of harming others
    • Worried that someone’s life is in danger
  • Have experienced a traumatic event that is affecting your daily functioning
  • Are experiencing mental health concerns that may require more than a one-time goal setting appointment
  • Are currently receiving services from a UCC counselor, but in crisis and need to be seen today—visit Crisis Care Counseling (CCC)!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m in crisis and need to be seen today?

If this is an urgent crisis, please visit CCC (drop in hours: M-F 10am to 4pm, hotline 615-322-2571)

What happens at Single Session Clinic appointment?

You will meet with a counselor for 45 minutes who will offer supportive suggestions and resources.  You will work together to develop skills and strategies focused on your strengths to help you address your concern. You will leave with a personalized action plan.