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Peg Leonard-Martin


No matter who you are or where you came from, I will create a safe space for you to tell your story. I will work with you so that can you learn new skills to cope with whatever issue you bring and respectfully explore how to carry your story forward in a way that represents your integrity and authentic self.

Peg did her graduate work at Vanderbilt Divinity School and the UT School of Social Work and completed both masters programs back-to-back. At the Divinity School, she pursued her passion of studying Feminist Theology, Black Liberation Theology and Liberation Theology from South America with a further emphasis in Pastoral Care. Her work at UT compelled her to continue with clinical work. Peg was in the non-profit world for many years, during which time she earned her license, was intensively trained in all diagnostic categories, and did individual, couples and family therapy. A dedication to advocacy and social justice resulted in developing and implementing a number of mental health initiatives based in neighborhoods both in Nashville and across the state of Tennessee. In collaboration with the Metro Nashville Police Department, she developed a program that was chosen by Yale Child Study Center and the Department of Justice to become part of a national effort to serve children who are victims of, or witnesses to, violence in their homes, schools and neighborhoods. In 2006, Peg became the Director of Counseling Services at Belmont University, where she developed all of the initial protocols for best practice. After 11 years at Belmont, she came back to Vanderbilt where she started many years ago. Her clinical interests at this juncture involve treating anxiety and panic disorders, dysregulation, trauma, crisis intervention, and grief. She is trained in EMDR and is especially interested in mindfulness based practices and self-compassion. Peg is on the Crisis Team, Biofeedback Team and part of the Supervisory training team at the UCC.  Outside of work, she likes to do all forms of yard work, especially designing new garden spaces with her husband. She also enjoys swimming, hiking and relishing reunions with her grown sons and their partners.