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Matthew L. Kane, M.S/MFT

Doctoral Intern
Pronouns: he/him/his

I place compassion at the core of my work. It is my belief that there are no wrong feelings, and my hope is to work with you to build a safe space in which we can sit in the discovery of our authentic selves and be able to walk alongside each other toward your goals. Additionally, I find social justice to be an inescapably interwoven piece of our work as therapists. Because of this, I practice acknowledging the presence and impact of various systems in your life, while mindfully listening to what you believe can be helpful in your journey towards liberation.

Matt is a Doctoral Intern in Health Service Psychology at Vanderbilt University’s Counseling Center. He is in his final year of his doctoral training in Counseling Psychology at the University of Kansas. Throughout his time as a therapist, Matt has intentionally diversified his clinical experiences to include individual, couple, family and group therapy with a wide array of populations (college students, general public, “at risk youth” and their families, Veterans and inmates). While Matt has been trained in and taught various forms of treatments, he works to find balance with clients by utilizing what can be considered an integrative approach to therapy. With theory as a tool and not a guide, Matt works with you to highlight the fabric of your human experience to include how integral elements such as culture, systems and family, dance in a way that impacts your lived experience and vice versa. When Matt is not in the office, he may be spotted watching his beloved Baltimore Ravens, spending time with friends, working out or watching anime.