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LaToya Favre


I feel honored to work with Vanderbilt students and to hear the experiences that bring them into therapy.  Students that I work with will most often hear me say “You are the expert of you;” I say this out of my aim to work collaboratively with students and to help them remain empowered during their journey to healing.  I am committed to social justice and inclusivity and invite students to discuss how systemic issues have intersected with their various identities and impacted their wellbeing.

Dr. Favre received her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Tennessee State University and completed both her doctoral internship and postdoctoral fellowship with Vanderbilt’s University Counseling Center.  Dr. Favre is excited to now work as a staff member with the Vanderbilt community and dedicates a portion of her time to working specifically with Vanderbilt’s student-athletes.  In her clinical work, Dr. Favre is integrative in her therapeutic approach, utilizing techniques and theories from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Psychodynamic Theory.  Additionally, Dr. Favre grounds her therapy work in Feminist Theory, Systems Theory, and Critical Race Theory.  As someone who identifies as a member of the BIPOC community, Dr. Favre is passionate about social justice, addressing issues of power and privilege, and exploring intersectionality of identities.  Dr. Favre additionally is passionate about working with anxiety and mood disorders, disordered eating, substance use concerns, identity exploration, perfectionism, trauma, family-of-origin conflicts, and spirituality exploration.  For self-care, Dr. Favre loves watching scary movies, painting, listening to music, and spending time in nature.