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Cayla Leung

Postdoctoral Fellow

When navigating some of life’s challenges, we find ourselves in need of someone to listen, validate, and empathize. I value honoring one’s intersectional identities and exploring how your background may influence wellbeing. I strive to build a trusting and safe relationship so that can we work together to overcome hardships and clients can live a life worth living. My approach to treatment is to listen and help clients identify skills that can make life less difficult.

Cayla is a postdoctoral fellow at Vanderbilt University Counseling Center and a graduate of the Clinical Psychology program at Pacific University. Cayla has clinical experience in counseling centers, private practice settings, and intensive outpatient settings. She is an integrative therapist who primarily draws from DBT and interpersonal psychotherapy. Cayla’s clinical interests include disordered eating, trauma, interpersonal difficulties, identity exploration, and issues related to family of origin. In her free time, Cayla enjoys reading, cooking, baking, hiking, and going to concerts.