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Vanderbilt University has spent the last several years in continued conversations on how to improve services and increase access pertaining to the mental health and wellbeing of the Vanderbilt community. The university is launching the UCC in order to best respond to the diverse needs of undergraduate, graduate and professional students, and postdoctoral scholars in support of their intellectual, emotional, and physical development. Services will follow a stepped-care model, providing tailored care for the individual based on their specific needs. This range of support will include enhanced services, intentional partnerships with campus wellness offices, and resources for campus in times of crisis.

Opening in July 2018, the Office of Student Care Coordination will provide care management services and coordinate referrals for undergraduate, graduate and professional students, and postdoctoral scholars. The purpose of the Office of Student Care Coordination will be to guide students to the appropriate wellness resources encompassing the Student Care Network, such as the UCC, Center for Student Wellbeing, Student Health Center, Student Access Services, the Recreation and Wellness Center or other off-campus providers (to name a few). Students will work one-on-one with Office of Student Care Coordination staff members, who will ensure that students receive the right services to meet their needs. Staff will be campus experts on the scope of campus mental health and wellness services, with professional backgrounds in clinical case management, social work, and/or mental health counseling. It is the goal of the Office of Student Care Coordination to facilitate student access to wellness resources through thorough, individualized, and efficient consultations.

Vanderbilt’s Student Care Network includes all campus mental health and wellness resources and partners. In order to better promote the integrated network of care to students, the Implementation Planning Group recommended the development of a Student Care Network web portal, so that students can quickly and efficiently locate and utilize the resources and services best suited for their needs. This website is under construction and will be launched in summer 2018.

As outlined in myVU, Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) will begin transferring some student data and records from the Psychological and Counseling Center (PCC) to the new University Counseling Center this spring to allow for the continuity of care when the UCC launches on July 1, 2018. The data includes PCC treatment records, psychiatric and psychotherapy notes, and other mental health assessments documented by the PCC providers and staff in VUMC’s medical records system.

Students have the opportunity to opt out of the automated medical records data transfer by reviewing and completing the online Medical Records Data Transfer Opt-out Form. The deadline to opt out of the records transfer is Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at 11:59 PM. Students who opt-out of the automated records transfer will still be able to obtain their medical records from VUMC to transmit to their preferred medical provider or to the UCC at a later date by following the instructions indicated here. Students with questions about the transfer of records or the option to opt-out should contact the PCC at (615) 322-2571 before Tuesday, April 10, 2018.

The location of the UCC will be the same as the location of the current Psychological and Counseling Center. The address is 2015 Terrace Place, Nashville, TN 37205. The current PCC phone number (615-322-2571) will be used by the new University Counseling Center (UCC). In addition, the university is exploring the option of providing some UCC services at rotating satellite locations.

The future home of the Office of Student Care Coordination will be room 100 of the Sarratt Student Center. Care Coordinators will meet with students in temporary locations in Sarratt/Rand until the office relocation is complete.

The university is increasing its overall investment in mental health. That said, the Implementation Planning Group is currently reviewing and determining the specific scope of services that will be offered by the UCC and its affiliated offices.  For the UCC specifically, the broad categories of services will include individual and group therapy, immediate counseling in times of crisis, psychiatric services, some psychodiagnostic assessment services, workshops, and a variety of wellness offerings designed to respond to diverse student needs. We are also adding a separate office, the Office of Student Care Coordination, to assist students as they seek mental health services on and off campus.

The UCC will not have session limits.
All services at the UCC, with the exception of LD/ADHD testing and psychodiagnostic assessments will be free of charge.

The mission and goals of the Center for Student Wellbeing will not change with the opening of the UCC.

Vanderbilt is partnering with Keeling & Associates during the development phase of the UCC. Keeling & Associates has specifically recommended the below actions steps:

  • locate the UCC at the current location of the PCC
  • implement a stepped care model at the UCC
  • implement a case manager system at Vanderbilt
  • maintain the current integration of clinical and developmental therapy services at the UCC
  • implement a website highlighting Vanderbilt’s integrated network of care
  • ensure collaborative leadership across the integrated network of care.

We encourage students, faculty, and staff to submit feedback and questions on the development of the UCC and the scope of services across campus comprising the integrated network of care. Please email