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Where to Go for Help with Other Issues

At Tutoring Services we see ourselves as one part of the continuum of support available to you here at Vanderbilt. You should know that all of the following services are other important components of that continuum. 

Support for Your Wellbeing

All students should get to know the Center for Student Wellbeing, which offers regular workshops and individual coaching appointments in Reading and Study Skills, Time Management, and other areas that may assist students in enhancing their academic performance and maintaining their overall wellbeing through a wide variety of student services

Support for Learning Differences

Students with learning disabilities should contact the Equal Opportunities, Affirmative Action, and Disability Services Department to document their conditions and to make arrangements for academic accommodations.

Students with possible learning disabilities should contact the University Counseling Center .

Mental Health Support

Individual and Group Psychotherapy is available to all students through the University Counseling Center.

Other Important Support Programs

The Career Center offers individual career advising as well as career assessment testing and evaluation.

The Margaret Cuninggim Women's Center offers numerous programs for students, both men and women, that support the empowerment of women.

The Office of LGBTQI Life offers support and programming for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students who may be struggling with issues that affect their academic performance.

The Office of Religious Life supports a staff of cross-faith chaplains who are available to counsel students on a wide variety of issues, including those that may affect academic performance.

Are you struggling with issues or problems affecting your academic performance?

Students struggling with issues or problems that are affecting their academic performance should meet with their professors or teaching assistants right away. Students should also consult with their advisers and/or their Vanderbilt Visions faculty and student facilitators.

In addition, at the Office of the Dean of Students, Associate Deans Roger Moore, Yollette Jones, and Dan Morgan can provide academic counseling for Arts & Science students who have more serious issues or complicated situations. Call or email the Dean's office to make an appointment. (Students in other schools should consult the Dean's office in the school where they are enrolled.)