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Tutoring Services adds more CHEM 1601 Roundtables (9/12 – 9/23) in advance of Exam 1!

Posted by on Monday, September 13, 2021 in News.

Undergraduate Chemists: At Tutoring Services we know that the first exam in General Chemistry (CHEM 1601) is quickly approaching on Thursday, September 23. In preparation, we have significantly expanded the number of CHEM 1601 Learning Roundtables, beginning on Sunday, September 12.

Each tutor-supported Roundtable is one hour in length and has a maximum of 10 participants who will work together to study and review course material.

Chemistry scholars, remember our policies for the Fall allow you to sign up for up to two Group session hours per week (Monday-Sunday), in addition to up to two 1-1 tutoring appointments.

Why should I attend a Learning Roundtable?

Joining a group session like our Learning Roundtables is a great way to gather with others and add a social aspect to your studies. Committing to one–whether its just the week of the exam or one you attend every week–is also a great way to get study time on your schedule, while you tap into the power of collaborative learning: Chances are that both you’ll learn from hearing others ask questions you hadn’t thought of yet and benefit others by contributing your own knowledge and questions to the group.

How do I sign up?

To register for a Learning Roundtable, select “Schedule a Group Appointment” on our homepage or in the sidebar of any other page on our site.

Will there be Pre-Exam Study Groups this year?

No. In Fall 2021, out of abundance of caution, we have decided to forgo our Pre-Exam Study Groups, which bring up to 50 students together in our space to study and review for two hours with tutors on hand (at least 1 tutor per 10 participants).

Instead, during the two weeks leading up to General Chemistry Exam 1, we are offering some 18 1-hour Roundtables with a total of over 180 seats available.

Plan to see us taking a similar approach with additional Roundtable availability as General Chemistry’s exams 2, 3, and the final approach.

Learning Roundtables for Other Classes

Don’t forget that we also have Roundtable sessions in MATH 1100, MATH 1200/1300, PHYS 1501/1601, BSCI 1510, and CHEM 2221!

Once you click “Schedule a Group Appointment” to sign into our Group schedule, you will be able to filter the schedule by course to see only the groups you are looking for.

More Opportunities through Tutoring Services (and beyond)

Request a Pair Appointment – Invite a Study Partner to Your Tutoring Session

In addition to our 1-on-1 tutoring appointments, students have the option of scheduling an appointment online and then requesting a fellow student be allowed to join the appointment for a 2-on-1 “pair appointment” with the STEM tutor.

For students, a pair appointment is an opportunity for two study partners (in the same course and with similar goals) to work jointly with a tutor. For Tutoring Services, pair appointment requests help us reach more students, especially at times of peak demand.

Learn more by visiting our “Pair Appointments: Guidance and Policies” page to read more about the pair appointment request process.

Understanding our Scheduling Platform’s  Waiting List Feature

Our guide to navigating our online scheduling platform, WCOnline, includes a handy overview of the “Waiting List Feature” to help you understand how to use this useful tool for times when you don’t see an opening with one of our tutors or groups.

Check it out:

More support is out there: VUSE STEM Tutoring

Know your campus resources! Our VUSE colleagues offer a separate STEM Tutoring program that is open to all students in a wide variety of STEM courses including General Chemistry and Mathematics (plus Computer Science, Physics, and several Engineering subjects).

Appointments are scheduled through the Penji app, and you can learn more by visiting the VUSE STEM Tutoring Program’s site.

Any Questions?

Please reach out to us at, and we will be glad to answer your questions or help you connect with a tutor.

We look forward to working with you soon!

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