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Stacey Worman: 2006-07

Project Overview

As this year's traveling fellow, I will be visiting different ecosystems throughout the world to investigate their deterioration and the current endeavors for their conservation, preservation, and restoration. My primary focus will revolve around ecosystems that are the most biologically rich, the most ecologically fragile, and the most significantly threatened by local, regional, and global pressures. I will be traveling to countries which represent a diverse set of conditions in order to more holistically understand the problem's complexity and the underlying challenges that different environmental initiatives face. I will be approaching my journey with an open mind and will be seeking opportunities that will expose me to different and conflicting perspectives.

At the end of the day, I'm most interested in how different people around the world are listening deeply and responding accordingly to this issue. I want to experience how people are proactively working to charter new paths for this new century; paths leading towards long-term sustainability, where people live in harmony with their environment and are still able to prosper themselves.


  • June 2006-August 2006: The Great Barrier Reef
  • September 2006-October 2006: Australia
  • November 2006-December 2006: The Philippines
  • Janurary 2007: Thailand
  • Feburary 2007: The Philippines
  • March-April 15th 2007: Indonesia
  • April 15th -May 1st 2007: Japan
  • May 1st-May 15th: Stateside
  • May 15th -July 15th 2007: Mexico
  • July 15th-August 2007: Berkeley, CA
  • August -September 2007: Brazil
  • October 1st, 2007: Th-th-that's all folks...